caveat programmator

now, don't get me wrong. if you wanna do serious, professional Java, NetBeans is the IDE for you. it's fast, it's hugely complex and it can do just about anything, plus it saves your carpal tunnel syndrome (sort of) with all this handy-dandy code completion stuff.

but damn it, i don't want it to protect my code from me! when building a GUI with its fancy graphical happy-clicky GUI builder, you can opt to view the source code that's being generated as you do your clicky-draggy i-don't-wanna-program-i-wanna-build-meccano thing - and you can't mess with anything but the superficial bits. if you wanna tweak initComponents(), well sir, fuck you. it's within a blue bit - a Guarded Block - and there's no way in hell you're gonna get in there. even editing from outside and reloading doesn't work.

so, caveat programmator. i realise this may sound a little bitchy, but i am quite fucked off at the moment - i just wasted three hours on the lab floor, again, and it's been feeling like i'm gonna hurl any second for two days and a night now, making me ever so tetchy. my advice for anyone else trying to rein in NB would be to get everything compiled to .java, and tweak it with emacs or something - but don't open it with NB ever again unless you want all your hard work to go to waste.

and now if you'll excuse me, i have a litter bin to throw up in. there are nights when i'd do anything not to feel like this, even though i know the feeling is temporary. be glad this is me, and not you.


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