so - this is a new blog, then. this will be the first and last time you get to hear me explain what the hell i'm doing here, why Sapiens Anonym exists, and the like. my name is Lepht, and my surname is not Anonym.

to begin with, i need a place to collect ideas. from time to time shit occurs to me that it seems it would be a shame to forget, and that is one of the things i created this blog for. the others are so that those who share my views can point me to more ideas, and so that those who don't can debate with me - this being the main point. in short this is intended as a place of education, albeit on a local level.

i'll be discussing a lot of things here. i'm primarily interested in computing science, but also in science and scientific issues in general, logical and mathematical theory, digital music rights and open source code, and quantum mechanics; to boot, i'll occasionally lapse into inanities concerning programming tricks or techno DJs i have something to say about. i welcome any and all comment on this.

one caveat, though: i am a rationalist, which implies that i'm also an atheist, a Darwinist (actually, an FCD) and a skeptic. i not only expect hate mail for this reason, i welcome it and will enter into whatever debate you can muster.

the only types of comment i will not answer are personal questions. i am an online entity, the physical counterpart of which does not concern you: i do not, for all intents and purposes, have so much as a gender or race. i do not want to see your myspace page or tell you my favourite food; i want to know your thoughts about the sum over histories, and your ideas about conditional probability's impact on everyday life.

introduction over. let the enquiries commence.


PS. i shall say this now: no, i will not use capitals. it is a stylistic choice that reflects the way i speak in the physical world. i do not think i am e.e. cummings, my keyboard is not broken, and i in fact attained full marks in my country's standard English grammar examinations; thus, i am allowed, i think, a tiny amount of poetic licence. now let us never speak of it again.

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