the pagan deathwish challenge

i learned a lesson about support tonight - namely, some people need it. it turns out the creationist mentioned below relies on his god, or more realistically the protection offered by the idea thereof, in order to keep clinical depression at bay. i am officially an asshole.

i gotta say, in my defense i wouldn't have even started that debate had i known it'd undermine the guy's mental health. i'm a skeptical shit, sure, but i wouldn't wish depression on anyone - whenever someone points out that my body is irreparably damaged, my first retort is always "At least it ain't my mind."

so - on to business. today, your favourite ethical security cripple is putting its immortal soul in eternal peril; i am challenging the pagans.

you might wonder where this comes from. i know a few pagans, and they're usually pretty convinced that there's a need for a rule like "Harm none"; that is, Oh yeah, I coulda smashed your skeptical little head right in, just with the power of my magick, but y'know, harm none and all, so I let you live.

so there we go. i've got a pagan deathwish. anyone who can kill me (and it won't exactly be hard; for a start, my spine is pretty damn fucked and there are holes in my stomach) just with the power of the supernatural - and i don't care, whatever you want; you wanna send vampires, go ahead, you wanna curse me, you wanna bring down the wrath of Uri Geller, it's all gravy - will get all my possessions.

that's including my modified computers and my rather impressive stock of prescription medication. also my diary, and the keys for all the encryption on everything (and a student loan debt of considerable proportions.)

so bring it on - magick me to death already. in the meantime, i'll be in the corner here, living to the age of a hundred and two.


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