no way, i won't pay

in your average lecture, i think there's a pretty consistent function for the amount of people who are not in fact learning jack shit about data engineering or cryptographic algorithms in the lecture theatre, but are instead quietly anaesthetising their minds via an iPod and some crap by the latest floppy-haired indie artist. generally, these kids' complaints can be heard afterwards drifting down the University's badly-painted corridors: that was too hard, what do they think we are geniuses?, what the hell was that hoodie listening to it sounded like factory noises, and most of all, i wanna buy x album right now but i've got no credit.

well, fear not, because if you can stand going outside the usual methods for a while and into the territories of t3h_w31rd, little wizened old Master Lepht is here to give you a short intro to my favourites in the free-and-legal world. (you want blackmarket, you're gonna have to contact me via the secure address.)

first up, almost all mainstream music of almost all flavours is on Pandora, which is a Flash-based net radio of sorts with a cool heuristic selector that discovers music it thinks you'll like, based on what you choose to seed stations from. i think it's a neural net, but i know it's awesome; the biggest downside is that you can't download or replay, and there's a 6-per-hour skip limit.

so, sick of skip limits and replay messups, you move on over to radio.blog.club to see whether it has any tracks you want; you still can't download, though you can build playlists and get complete control over what and when. if you like it there or maybe you wanna look someplace else, take a peek at SeeqPod - same shit, snazzier interface, and it's a broader search too.

after that, you probably wanna put some stuff on that iPod and get on the go, right? so march your ass down to Jamendo and mingle with the unsigned artists, some of whom are crap, most of whom are at least decent lecture-ignoring material and some of whom - like the fucking awesome Zeropage or the even fucking awesomer Karhu - deserve record deals a fuck of a lot more than, say, Britney Spears. you can download whole albums for free here, or just listen to 'em (sans Flash no less).

and then if you're really kickass, you go and download everything from the System Shock and Thief sections of the TTLG Jukebox, and impress me forever and ever amen with your impeccable taste.

and i just told my target audience precisely how best to not listen to me, at no cost to them. i think i'm going prematurely senile.


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