practical transhumanism: more magnets

more magnets coming up on Wednesday, or at least that's when i should be able to acquire the components. i'll have help for these next two, but i'm still shitting myself - i know how much it hurts now, makes the waiting that much worse. i'm a total pussy when it comes to pain, so Wednesday morning my face should be hilarious.

once that's complete, i got two other ops to prepare for, both of which i'll be doing myself. one is the thermistors, which will probably be designed and ready for implementation by the new year; the second, going down as soon as i can get the neodymium, is gonna be the first mod of a buddy of mine, w3dyt. poor bastard missed the chance to get them implanted by a piercer, or rather, the only piercer in Britain who was doing them in the first place, Darryl at Rapport Tattoo in Aberdeen. me being the last person in the country to have them done musta been kind of a bummer - the day after my first one, Health and Safety banned Darryl from doing any more until further notice - so i figured i kinda owe w3dyt, and i'm pretty much the only one around who'll do it now, seeing as anyone else is gonna want money and anyone who gets money also gets jailtime if the 'thorities find out. i'm still waiting on a delivery of proper scalpel blades; i reckon i can make a cleaner job of it that way than with a 5mm needle, which to be honest are fucking scary.

last, today i got accused of having "swiss army hands", which now i think about it is kinda true.


PolloAviariato said...

So how many do you have in total? I am reading online that one is enough to sence the fields, but more give a 3D effect. I was thinking of having a magnetic hand and a non magnetic one (Maybe a magnet for each fingertip on my left hand plus one on the palm).
But finding people who does these sorts of things in Italy is SO DIFFICULT.
Ahu. :-D

Hugh Man said...

Forget about the palm, there are not enough nerve endings, you will not feel anything from that, stick with the tips...

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