Ritvo scores and EM fields

ritvo is a test for Asperger's disorder, one that i fail spectacularly at 193 of 201 possible points. "I have no idea how it is that you're holding a human conversation, Mr. Anonym," i was told at my last psychiatric consult. que sera sera, i guess; turns out my book-learning of human interactions is as good as a neurotypical's innate grasp of them, so from my point of view at least it's all gravy. at the least, it means more benefits for my crippled ass.

benefits that i'll be using to implant more metal into my body, of course. i've got a delivery of cold sterilisation gel and six neodymiums coming over from Germany in the next couple days, four to complete my array of them and two to implant into w3dyt, who's been waiting for about two goddamn months now. i got the same med student buddy as before to spot my procedure, and doing w3dyt's as his bootleg med tech. it's gonna be pretty easy if i'm not a fucking idiot, and since i'm good at cutting people up and putting unnatural things inside them, i'll hopefully have pictures and maybe video up this time to demo the operation to people wanting to do it themselves.

so hopefully pretty soon my own array's gonna be six rather than two. two's good enough to feel minor EM fields on common household appliances - microwave, cheap Chinese AC adapter, desk lamp, etc. it'll be sweet to see what three, four and six can detect.


Josephine S. Blick said...

This is old and not specifically something I need to comment on, except to say, kudos for the CP2020 reference.

Oh, while I'm here, since I'm lazy and don't want to go back and post backwards and forwards, do you have an inventory of the implants in your body (and what they do)? I'm updating my profile to provide a current e-mail, since you might not want to be broadcasting the full details across the tubeweb.

Lepht said...

i do, or i can make one up pretty quickly. will send it to you via email.


Lepht said...

ps. i fucking loved that game.

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