who you gonna call

i just noticed my hands are the exact same colour as my permanently covered legs. this anaemia is getting pretty scary-looking. i should probably do something about it, but i can't be bothered going for more tests and i fucking hate ferrous sulphate pills.

in the meantime, i found out a couple days ago after another late-night emergency visit to the hospital doc's that both my kidneys (yeah fuck you too, second kidney, i only know you're there because you do this all the fucking time) were infected again. if you got a stomach ache that lasts more than a couple hours, do yourself a favour and call NHS 24 - 08454 24 24 24 in the UK. that's the second time i've spent three hours telling w3dyt it ain't worth bothering people over when it's been an internal organ infection, stupid fuck that i am.

they didn't give me no tramadol this time though. tramadol fucks you up.

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