ask a junkie: will (insert substance here) fuck you up?

today you asked the junkie:

how much tramadol fucks u up
- depends. start on 50mg and go up in lots of 50; you'll find out.
tramadol get you fucked up?
- yeah, it will.
antiemetic for tramadol
- Motilium, or pharmacy metaclopramide.
implant fucking chips head
- dude, what? you talking about that spinal implant that makes a woman orgasm continuously? because damn.
skin divers rejection
- yep, i've seen that. you've got to take them out and replace them with microdermal anchors, basically, because the scar tissue that forms isn't suitable for replacing the divers. shit happens.
does diclofenac fuck you up?
- long-term use will, yeah, unless you're permanently on a proton-pump inhibitor; it's fucking my kidneys and liver over as we speak. short-term won't, and it doesn't get you high. it's not a recreational drug.
legality vs. morality
- that's a problem for a lot of us. is it immoral just because it's illegal? if the State made fucking illegal tomorrow, would it become immoral to fuck? if murder was legalised, would it be moral to murder someone? go figure.
anonym fuck
- yeah, from time to time. hah.

actual content coming soon. - L

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