i get bored sometimes, and to my eternal shame, i end up reading manga. this time it was Bleach - but i had to stop after a couple chapters when i hit the little 'character vital stats' pages.

the heroine is physically a 15-year-old woman. weighing 33kg. that's 5st 2lbs, for anyone who works in stones, or 72 pounds. that's the weight a nine-year-old should be, on average.

that weight could never be achieved by anyone who wasn't dying of starvation or an end-stage anorectic. and that's what's being held up as a woman's normal weight at 15, never questioned? disgusting.



Anonymous said...

:uh: I'm on yur sites readin yur blogs :smirk: grossie, and feelin like a squiemie .. :sp: felt like mentioning, I think the chick in bleach is like 4'2" and exremely fit. Perhaps slightly underweighted.. But! I think the author was going for 'tiny badass' not 'anorexic ideal' … sayin.. :up: ~ Shea

Sarah B said...

The girl you speak of (Rukia Kuchiki) is 144cm*, and the recommended weight for a female at that height is 38 - 51 kgs**, so she's not ridiculously underweight.

**85 - 112 lbs

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