oh, Reginald - I DISAGREE!

quoth the wiki:

codeine is generally not used in single doses of greater than 60 mg (and no more than 240 mg in 24 hours)
my sorry ass it isn't. one boxacodeine = 32 tabs * 8mg (yeah, measly freakin' eight) = 256mg C18H21NO3, plus a liver-smashing 16g paracetamol. believe me, if you're hurting or dependent enough (or both) you can chug all that and a bag of chips in one go, never mind the rest of the day. you'll be sick as a dog, but you probably won't care.

in other news, i find that i've used up my supply of drurgs, having actually forgotten that they third'ed my dose the last time i saw anyone. i got a snippy little letter from the NHS to tell me i could fuck off and i wasn't getting any more repeat scrips until a month's time. it will, of course, be completely pointless trying to explain to NHS staff that i am in fact retarded rather than deceptive, and that this is not like that guy who yoinks your whole supply of Percocet that you left out on the side at a party.

therefore you may now address me as Lepht, King of Withdrawal. long live the fuckin' king.


spoon said...

I remember Calum coming off codeine, shivering and swearing and saying he was FIIINE. IIRC Brechen was there, which was odd.

Lepht said...

that's gonna be me all right. i have a leftover morphine problem that never really went away, so i'm not looking forward to the next few days; i've just run out of tea, and my supply of crap-ass measlypants shop codeine is running low.

plus, i'm not entirely debonair about liver damage. i think it's mostly just principle - doctors tell me they're taking away my drugs, my first reaction is a great big FUCKYEW MISTER. i'll come off it in my own goddamn time; those bastards.

Feyhra said...

having done some research in the field of cold filtering, i have discovered that 32 x 7.46/500 dihydrocodeine(aka paramol) has an excellent yield - roughly 80% of the 200ml of DHC solution passed right through the filter and failed to get trapped in all the fillers and other crap that you get in cheap over the counter co-codamol, which can yield as little as 50% from a 200ml solution(solpadeine max is particularly shitty, and no amount of filtering gets rid of that sickening pink tint to the final solution)

of course you can use more water, but that leaves much more of that vile tasting solution to get down you. i haven't yet ventured into trying to evaporate the shit, mostly because i was always in too much of a hurry to get it down me, but these days because i am good little sacred androgyne and don't fuck myself up on opiates any more. my partner has a sizable co-codamol habit however, and i really need to get the whole thing up and running again, because i fear for her liver

i did a whole bunch of sums once, and although a box of 32 paramol is relatively pricey, i think i worked out that by cold filtering it, i got a better bang for my pound note than by trying to do the same with any other kind of over the counter pain relief

i wouldn't swear to that though. it was over 3 years ago now and my memory of those dark days is somewhat fuzzy

does dihydrocodeine have a ceiling dose like regular codeine?(hah, ceiling dose! i once ate 42 x 30mg codeine phosphate, got taken to A&E and my doctor still prescribes them for the pain of facial electrolysis after ten fucking years!)

i sort of hate tramadol. opiate withdrawl is one thing, but combining that with ssri discontinuation syndrome is quite another. fucking inhouse fucking pharmacy.

i'm feyhra, by the way. i'm a sort of transhuman/cavething/divine hermaphrodite and i remember waking up on the operating table when my left bollock got pulled out of the hole in my nutsack, but luckily the sedative they shot me with was really good shit and it only took an extra shot of local anaesthetic and i drifted back into oblivion

Lepht said...

greets, feyhra. Muad-Dib, the ever-patient, has been cold filtering Paramol for me, and the yield is pretty acceptable so far. of course, beggars with 25% liver necrosis can't be choosers. we just went straight for the Paramol rather than trying to filter the codeine-based ones, since DHC is my poison. (Ah, Solpadeine Max. You nasty, useless, misnamed red box of crap.)

i'm pretty good at chugging nasty shit, anyhow; opium tea and cheap Scots whiskey will do that to you. a friend of mine likes to evaporate it and then put it into capsules, but he uses a pharmacologists' scale, and fuck buying one of those. i think it's better to stick with chugging the vile crap.

you're right to fear for her liver. they said if i carry on the way i was, i'd not have so long to live, and junkies like us don't get on transplant lists. thanks for the input.

and yeah, it has a ceiling dose. surprisingly, so does even morphine. you seem to understand the facts of opiate junkie life... A&E, bitchy nurses, liver damage, SSRI withdrawal... life's a cunt, huh?

anyway, nice to meet you. i'm Lepht, thinly pseudonymous transhumanist, wetware hacker, etc. pleased to meet another person with no discernible gender, and thanks for the heads-up. give your partner my love. it's a fucking nasty habit to live with, but as you'll know, we're all servants of Morpheus.


Darrellbeiu said...

I remember Calum coming off codeine, shivering and swearing and saying he was FIIINE. IIRC Brechen was there, which was odd.

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