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i get so many emails with the same questions that i thought it was high time i wrote me an FAQ. if you got anything else you want added here, or you wanna ask me something weird, i'm happy to entertain you at lepht art trioptimum dawt com. let the FAQ begin.

Where can I get neodymium nodes for implantation?
hard question. try:
- (translate it w/Google if necessary)
- Calm Bodymod, in Finland
- Lucas Zippra, a piercer in France
- Steve Haworth, the inventor of them, who has a clinic in the States (google him)
- eBay, listed under "Steve Haworth magnets".
i can't sell you them, and they're not imported to the UK anymore, so if you're on this pigs' island with me you're gonna have to travel.

Casey Crook emailed with an ideal place to get uncoated magnets, which you'll need to coat yourself with a suitable bioproof agent (i suggest Sugru, but you will need to test it yourself for allergy etc.) these are at KJ Magnetics.

Can I do surgery on myself? On my brain/eyes/(insert other squishy vitals here)?
yes, but i didn't tell you to do it and therefore can't be sued; no, enjoy your meningitis.

What is the point of the nodes?
they're sensory organs for electro-magnetic radiation. it's awesome.

What else are you gonna do to yourself?
currently working on an implanted compass device.

Are you some kind of faggot?
yeah, i'm bisexual and gender-fluid. my current partner, Muad-Dib, is a d00d.

What the hell is wrong with you?
so much that if they took away the diseased parts, you'd be left with a few lumps.

What is the best kind of anaesthesia to use at home?
lidocaine in powder form, and sterile water vials to mix it up with; if not, don't bother, just put a towel between your teeth.

Why did you do this to yourself?
i'd like to say i did it because i follow a grand tradition of self-experimenters in science, or that it was because practical transhumanism is more than a philosophy to me (it's my life), but at least partly, i did it for kicks. i just wanted more senses; still do.

So I herd you liek mudkipz.
i fucking love mudkipz.

Tramadol-related: Can/does/will Tramadol fuck you up? Can I snort Tramadol/Solpadol? Can I take Tramadol and Solpadol (or other drug combinations) together? How do I take this stuff and not throw up? Can I buy Tramadol or other drugs on this site?
it can, it does and it will; see the posts labelled "tramadol fucks you up", which has become the blog's official fucking catchphrase through people constantly asking me about it. all of this shit stemmed from my once upon a time being prescribed a supply of Tramadol, which is a synthetic opiate for moderate pain. some summary:
1. i don't advise anyone to take it, for legal reasons. if you've got some, it's nothing to do with me whether you take it or not and i won't be sued by your parents when you kill yourself by accident. i warned you.
2. i have no fucking clue how much it would take to "fuck you up". it might be one pill, it might be the whole box - it depends on the dose you have, your existing opiate tolerance or lack thereof, your weight, your definition of "fucked-up" etc.
3. don't snort it, you morons. the pills are mostly talc, which will make you sneeze, and it won't absorb any quicker in your nose than it will in your stomach. just swallow the pills like a fucking normal person and stop trying to be a rock star about it.
4. don't take Solpadol with Tramadol. they're the same thing, except Solpadol is organic/natural codeine and Tramadol is its analogue, produced synthetically. you are going to poison your stupid self. i can't speak for anything else, and none of this blog is medical advice - i am NOT a doctor, i don't have anything to do with the medical profession. i just take some drugs.
5. if you don't want to throw up, i suggest a. not taking a dose so high it makes you throw up, you nubcake, or b. using metaclopramide or another pharmacy anti-nausea product.
6. i don't sell drugs here. i have enough interference from the fuzz as it is, thanks. also, if i had a supply enough to sell to you guys, i'd use it myself.

Is there a Wikipedia page for Lepht/SA/biohacking/etc.?
i don't have a Wikipedia articla of my own, and neither does Sapiens Anonym (rightfully so, since i think you have to be both sane and actually noteworthy to get a Wiki article.) there is one for transhumanism, which is actually pretty informative. plz2 improve it, make other articles, etc.

What the fuck is Sugru, what is it for and where can I get some?
Sugru is mouldable, air-setting hard silicone rubber. it's for fixing shit, and i'm thinking about using it as implant coverings. you can get it at the sugru website - go look at their videos and shit, it might be too hard for what you want to use it for and it is a bit fucking pricey but it seems to be good shit.

Jesus fucking Christ, can't any of you wankers read where i said that i did that once, in the absence of any other sterilisation?