fun with Windows Vista

so, the dark hour has come: it's Vista time. i know. i'm not looking forward to this.

background: while back, yours truly became the owner of a fancy, shiny new Toshiba laptop, Vista preinstalled. i've been trying for about three months now to get its weirdass proprietary hardware working under a combo of pirate XP Pro and Mint Bianca - to no fucking avail. absolutely zero luck.

it's finally time to bite the Vista bullet. after what this mother of an OS did to my test machines, i really don't wanna do this - i'm trying to preserve the other two ops, but it looks like i maybe don't got the HDD space for that - but i'm gonna have to do it.

damn it, now i'm gonna have to hide my machine from the Mac-wielding kids of oil-baron parents in my classes. those peeps are some serious OS snobs.

*dramatic sigh* you know, i really do love this kind of thing. i'll be letting y'all know who in my class i've shot in frustration (and it's gonna be someone, because i'm out of pain medication.)


ed. Lea, next time you're round here, can you answer back on this thread instead of the old one? just makes it easier for me to manage the comments. cheers - L


Lea said...

Don't know if I can do this. I'm still learning myself you see.
It's good to hear you want the truth and from that you'll find it. Maybe not this lifetime but perhaps the next.
My teacher is a living person.
My belief, to me, is not a theory. It's more of a inner gut feeling where one believes it's true so they go with it.

I was hoping my onion analogy would help you see what I meant about the mind and the soul. They are two different and separate things.
Soul, our highest faculty and most basic unit of awareness, is trapped-a prisoner in its own home. Its position of supremacy within our constitution has been usurped by our conditioned thinking, our mechanical emotional responses, and our rampant desires which overcome soul by dominating our attention.

Lepht said...

of course i want the truth! the search for truth is one of the main driving forces behind my life. i don't believe in past lives, though. this is all the time i got, so i wanna use it for something beneficial at least.

that's interesting. are you allowed to tell me who your teacher is? although i'm debating you, i'd be interested to know a little about where you get your ideas. i assume it's fairly obvious where i get mine.

ah, yes - what you describe as belief, i was using the word "faith" for. that makes things clearer - though i am slightly disheartened that it's come into the argument. i can't accept faith as a reason to believe.

yes, that's the theory of dualism, in a nutshell. i take it you see the mind as a physical thing (which is good, because so do i, although i don't believe in souls.) the reasoning behind my viewpoint - that all our functions come from the biological functions of the brain - is based on the research that's been done with things like EEG rigs, MRIs and CAT scanners. we don't have any function that can't be explained via known means. what's the basis of your belief in souls?

any time you wanna stop, by the way, let me know. i would hate to make you feel bad.


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