for the last time:

tramadol fuck you up?
"windows scripting host\settings\timeout"
how much tramadol fucks you up
will tramadol fuck you up
does tramadol fuck you up
does Tramadol fuck you up ?
YES, for fuck's sake, tramadol fucks you up. it fucks you up bad. you won't be able to program properly, you sure as shit won't be able to do maths, you won't even feel like trying to do sports or anything active, you'll throw up all the time, you'll look and sound like an authentic pothead and you'll lose any interest you ever had in anything but sleep.

[kudos to the guy who kept looking for the Registry setting that messes with the WSH's timeout, though. it's under HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows iirc, and its main malicious use is to get rid of the timeout completely so viruses can run free and never be killed because of inactivity.]

mang, i hope i don't get readers who hate profanity.


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[pls no ask about the vodka. debate is always welcome. remember, Tramadol fucks you up]