implants can't be addictive, right?


so we all know i'm screwed when it comes to those things, and i only plan to get more so. so far the implant project is a massive, awesome pile of success: my original tag is cutely readable by a little C program i mutated out of some examples that came with the reader (cause i'm not actually as smart as people think i am), and i'm now working on a way to use AES or RSA (or something weird like the KHAZAD cipher i was considering before) to encrypt the tag data i'm currently storing within the program as escaped ASCII characters, and externally as hex literals, into something a little less snarfable. screenshots will be up as soon as i can get a metadata stripper for them...

i'm also not doing any University work, and i keep forgetting to eat.

second, i still want a Hitag read-writable tag. if anyone knows where a poor government-handout-dependent wetware hacker can get one, let me know; i could have some serious fun with one of those little fuckers.

and third, i'm currently researching the feasibility of an implantable temperature sensor with an external LCD gauge or some other surface-mounted display. (it's because i can't feel hot and cold properly anymore. that and it'd be awesome.) some ideas:

1. it's gonna be the messiest operation yet, needing at least four incisions as far as i can see, if i fix the display to the surface of my skin. you could do that quite easily with subcutaneous "planks" - little flat bits of polymer that extend for a way under the skin, porous so that flesh grows back into them. it'd be a total bitch to remove, but why would i do that?

2. i wanted to site it on the back of my wrist. according to Gray's, i've got two deep veins, two deep arteries, four important nerves of the hand and a hideously complicated little web of surface vessels to look out for, all of which i'm fucked if i hit (well, nerves and arteries at least, not to mention tendons.) i might want another site, but i can't think of an easy way to look at the display anywhere else.

3. i'm gonna need a whooole lot more equipment than i have right now. for a start, it's looking like my little scalpels aren't gonna cut it with nondelicate parts of my anatomy or big incisions: cutting with them is painfully slow, and with three or four cuts to make, i can't afford to be slow, so i'm gonna want:
- Lidocaine and some syringes (and probably some smaller hypos, mine are fucking huge)
- most likely a suture kit, it being less messy and more likely to take that way
- more steristrips
- Betadine

also more parts: a soft tube-embedded fluid temperature probe (Eltek is like a candy store that way), a tiny CPU of some sort (that's gonna be a huge challenge) and a display as small as i can get it, plus a way to integrate them all.

4. there's wireless temperature tags out there, but no ampoule types, so i might try and create one by myself just as POC if they'll let me into the University electronics labs (not likely; they know what i want in there for).

y'all know by the time i'm fifty i'm gonna be the goddamn Borg; that or i'm gonna have killed myself doing something retarded with a bonesaw and a C-LEG. peace out, meatbags.



Ian said...

Should you ever feel the need to do this again, I have a couple suggestions.

1. Instead of connecting it to a LED or something like that, you might consider doing something like implanting a buzzer in, so that as the resistance decreases, the buzzer goes faster. This will not only allow you to know the temperature at all times, without having to look at your wrist, but it will also allow you to implant it somewhere more safe than your wrist.

2. You don't really need a really good knife to make the incision, a pocket knife that has been sharpened to hell will do it for you. If you do that though, I would stick the knife in boiling water for 5 minutes first, because it will kill any pathogens on it, and it will make it a hell of a lot easier to cut through.

In the fond hope that you will never need it,


Lepht said...

yo, Ian. i did in fact prototype a much less bulky device for sensing temperature, composed of just a couple thermistors and a little battery on a wrist strap; and then my temperature sense came back. the buzzer is a nice idea though.

don't worry about the knives; i use needles and surgeons' scalpels these days. good times. back in the day i was using a fucking vegetable knife at one point. and dw, i always boil and biocide my equipments.

cheers for the advice, though. i appreciate the concern. peace


Ian said...

Ouch. What was the vegetable knife used for?

Lepht said...

making a cavity in my fingertip; that was the one that went septic, funny enough. i had originally planned to use a scalpel, but found it was too painful to use it to carve enough space for a node. the vegetable knife was more of a punching instrument than a slicing one, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

nowadays i use needles like any sensible person woulda done from the start...


Ian said...

one last thing: what exactly is a Hitag read/writable tag?

Lepht said...

an RFID tag you can write data to. it's made by Philips. i covet them, but they're elusive.


Arthur said...

Hi Lepht, first, sorry my bad english, Im a brazilian guy. I want implant a simple magnet in my finger, could you help me abount somethings? Which magnet use in implant, which the best finger to implant? I have seen some videos on youtube about the implants in fingers. Thank you!

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