part of my pain control regime is Remedeine Forte, the 30mg kind, otherwise known as dihydrocodeine tartrate. it's got a little booklet taped shut to the front of the bottle, so when you finally get the fucker open, you find out each 30mg dose of useful opiate also comes with its synergistic ingredient, paracetamol (or acetaminophen for you Yanks).

drug synergy is pretty cool. it's a phenomenon whereby the effects of two synergistic drugs are more, when they're combined, than the effects of taking them both separately. that is to say, paracetamol-dihydrocodeine is stronger than paracetamol and then dihydrocodeine.

there's just one thing. i take anywhere from two to five of these fuckers in a day, with the aid of a lot of Coke and Jaffa Cakes. so, 500*4, let's say...

that's an average in a day of two grams of paracetamol. my liver must be crying.

me, i'm laughing; this stuff's starting to affect me less negatively than it did, i have no exams to pass this year at all (being a cripple), and i'm full of caffeine. it's freezing in here, too, and thanks to the side-effects of said synergy, i can't even feel that. more temperature implant musings at some point.


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