lepht can has job?

i actually have a paid form of employment now, which is why nobody's seen me for about a month now. i've got so much shit to catch up on... but man, it's awesome to be employed again. i'm now a researcher with the University until September, when i have to go back to my undergrad degree - basically, a hardware junkie. i'm helping out with a project using RFID to help severely disabled kids tell stories about what happened during their day at school, as the project's resident clankie - seriously, this is one of the best jobs i've ever done. i can has job!


Baal's Bum said...

Congratulations, especially as it is a job you like. That is so rare these days.

Lepht said...

thanks Baal. 's just good to know i'm gonna be able to pay for my meds, my rent *and* the internet bill. that's pretty much all i need.


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