more metal in L's body

not a computer component this time, just a set of new subdermal piercings on the back of my left hand, three skin-divers in a triangle. they're a new alternative to microdermals, smaller and much less painful. they're also more permanent. hopefully by tomorrow i'll have one each side of my face, at the corners of my eyes, too - they look like tiny metal discs, sorta like the heads of nails.

i also have an appointment Thursday for an implanted magnet somewhere in my hand, probably under one of the tattoos on my wrists. in addition, i get to meet the guy from the States who piloted all this stuff if i'm lucky; my piercer is his buddy, a guy with blue Celtic knot ink for eyebrows and hair, name's Darryl. absolute legend. more on the magnet and thermistor implants as they come. power to the transhumanists.

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