spiders on drugs

naw, i'm not showing that video again. it's storytime with Uncle Lepht.

i'm in the guided labs this morning, listening to Stromkern and keeping myself to myself, when the demonstrator - the grad student who gets lumped in with us and has to answer questions like, Breakpoints? Why would I want it to break? and Why's it doing that? - pounces on me.

"Lepht," he says (i'm translating), "what are you doing here?"

after i've gone "Whut? Huh? Whut?" over the music three or four times like some senile old professor with a malfunctioning hearing aid and finally turned the brick* off, i point out that i'm repeating this year of my undergrad degree. medical certificate, yo. demonstrator wonders why i'm not reusing last year's code, seeing as how the guided lab work's only updated every major Java version, if that. (* i mean, vintage Zen Touch.)

"It's shite code," i tell him. it is and all. last year i was too out of it to bother refactoring everything i write into something small and elegant, so it all just went into the compiler as i thought it up, and i don't think so neat'n'tidy.

"Oh," he goes. "That explains it. You know what it reminded me of?" i don't. "You know that old experiment where they put spiders on drugs, the ecstasy spider?"



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