will two tramadol fuck me up, Dr. Lepht?

can you get fucked up on tramadol yep.
coke and paracetamol
does tramadol fuck you up?
does tramadol fuck you up
tramadol fuck you up?
anonym for practicality i sure as fuck am. i'm also for abortion, gay marriage and equality.
anonym: anecdote okay. once when i was seventeen or eighteen, i was having a cannula inserted and the nurse managed to complete the entire job without fucking up once, even after i threw up. now go to bed.
can tramadol get you fucked up?
can tramadol mess up your liver? can and will. it's just a case of using enough to stop the pain, but not enough to overdose, cause that's what's really gonna give you cirrhosis.
does taking 2 tramadol fuck you up aw, honey. just put the tramadol away and go back to aspirin. no, it's not gonna fuck you up.
faceless genderless that's me.
fucked up on tramadol
get fucked up off tramadol
getting fucked up on tramadol
how many tramadol does it take to get fucked up i've said this before... just start with two, and take more every half hour until you're as fucked up as you need to be. not my fault if you OD and damage your stupid self.
religious parenting anecdote
sapiens anonym
search? i do, yeah! you wanna search together? search buddy?
throwing up from tramadol wow. yeah, yeah it will make you throw up if you take enough of it and you don't use an antiemetic.
tramadol fuck you up
tramadol fucked up
tramadol fucks you up
tramadol get fucked up
tramadol gets u fucked up
once again, i am so far from being a doctor that it's hilarious for you guys to be querying me for drug advice. if you actually do break the meat doing opiates, it's not my fault. enjoy at your own risk.

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Anonymous said...

Oh you poor baby, I'm not being sarcastic. I hear your pain. I've been there...I'm there now. Why do we have to suffer this shit? I don't know if there is a disease I'd prefer over addiction. I know I used to pray for some kind of cancer over this shit. I don't know. If I could just hold you. But I dont' know you, it doesn't matter if I know you or not. If you are a man, I am a women... we could just comfort each other for a short time. If only I could hold you now!!

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[pls no ask about the vodka. debate is always welcome. remember, Tramadol fucks you up]