tramadol fucks you up, Monday edition

will tramadol fuck you up? (2 times)
does tramadol mess you up? (2 times)
will tramadol mess you up?
can i get fucked up off tramadol?
tramadol get you fucked up?
will ultracet fuck you up?
does tramadol fuck you up?
can norflex and tramadol mess you up?
can tramadol fuck you up?
YES, for fuck's sake. it can, it does, it will. it's WRITTEN ON THE FUCKING TRAMADOL BOX, you goddamned morons.
get fucked up on tramadol
tramadol fucked up
that's easy: take four, then wait for them to kick in. when they do, keep taking sets of four every half hour until you pass out and get taken to hospital, where they will take all the rest of the Tramadol away from you. Lepht solves all your problems, see?
kap ake codeine
it is indeed. that's a 30mg / 500mg paracetamol dose there.
would skinny dipping hurt my straight edge?
i'm too tired to be snide. yes, it will hurt your puritan little straight edge. go and do it anyway, you straight-laced freak; you might learn something about what it is to live life without arbitrary sets of restrictions hog-tying your brain in the guise of "morality".


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[pls no ask about the vodka. debate is always welcome. remember, Tramadol fucks you up]