never plan

because it only goes wrong, and then you have to write a blog post telling everyone that you're a fuckup. well, i'm a fuckup. i forgot that i used the last of my slicey devices a long time ago, so no test implantation this weekend.

i did solder the control board for the Northpaw together, though, and discovered that my loans have not in fact been paid for this year. hopefully they'll come in a big fucking lump that i can then use to... well, to do more of this stupid shit.

current strands of development of the paw:

- need hot glue gun, test adaptation to the buzzers. transdermal armature is gonna be complex.
- researching dynamos as alternative power source.
- gonna look terrifying, with eight strands of wires going to two boxes (or one box and a dermal incision) mounted on my leg. i think i'll wear shorts for a week to frighten people.

i am a sorry little bald-ass attention whore, aren't i?


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