Tramadol fucks you up, Monday edition

sometimes i think the more i tell you guys that Tramadol fucks you up, the more it makes you wanna take the stupid shit. i'll clarify: when i say it fucks you up, i mean it's gonna make you too tired to do fuck all (unless you have a tolerance, where it will do precisely dick), it's gonna make you hurl, and you're better off getting some DHC or hydrocodone if you wanna be fucked up that badly. anyway:

will tramadol fuck you up
can tramadol get you fucked up
will tramadol fuck me up
can tramadol fuck you up
does tramadol fuck you up
can tramadol mess you up
will tramadol mess you up
can i get fucked up off tramadol
...etc. it's like some sort of junkhead mantra. one day my partner's gonna wake up at 4am and find me typing in bed, intoning monotonously, Tramadol fucks me up, Tramadol fucks you up, Tramadol fucks he/she/it up... in short - yes.
can u get fucked up off of 50 mg tramadol
unless you're a toddler, no. just take the pill and get the fuck on with your life.
what does tramadol do to fuck you up
now that is an interesting question. our green friend is what's known as a mu-opioid antagonist, and is in fact an analog of my personal demon, codeine, the difference being that Tramadol is synthetic. it stimulates these opioid receptors the same as any other opiate, masking pain, inducing sleepiness, and deactivating the guts, thereby making you hurl and/or giving you constipation. it's processed through your liver, which is the main reason it fucks you up - liver's not good at that kinda thing, and it will eventually get seriously damaged. takes a long time, though.
tramadol throw up
absolutely. you need some proper-strength metaclopramide (or another scrip-only antiemetic.) if you're shit ass broke like yours truly, try some ginger tea.
norflex with tramadol
they're the same thing, and therefore will make you throw the fuck up and waste both doses. i don't advise it.
tramadol hurts your brain
i see you've met the analgesic headache. that, or you're talking about the way any opiate wraps your mind in cotton wool so you can't study and you don't care. either way, you gotta lay off for a couple days, then go back and you should be better.
can you get high off norflex
no. it's a chill pill, not a stimulant.
best way to get fucked up on tramadol
take one. see how messed up you don't get. take more. point to my blog when you get taken into hospital and recall that i told you not to fucking take them. if you wanna mess yourself up, take one every half-hour until you're adequately fubarred, but don't blame my wasted ass.
boy i will fuck you up
i lived in Seaton, the Silver City's glessing district, for a year without any bovver. i might not be strong but boy i will smash a pint over your fucking head. kisses, Lepht.
can you take tramadol solpadol together
yeah, but don't bother. they're both opiates, so just take one or the other.

thus ends your lengthy pharmaceutical education for this week. yours dubiously



Anonymous said...

Yrs man tramadol injected into the main fraim. Heated up on a spoon of water . Lovely buzzz just like smack.

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Synthetiquette said...

I believe that most opiates will in fact potentate their cousinbrothers and mothersisters, and have had some success in the past with oxycontin, potentated by codeine.
Additionally, raising the PH levels in your stomach will aid in absorption do to the higher base alkalinity. My old ritual would be two antacids, followed by 15-25mg dextromethorphan 20 minutes later, 60mg codeine 20 minutes after that, finishing with 150mg (approx) oxy afterwards.
Obviously, this only works with oral ingestion, which is the only way codeine will prove useful at all.

Also, unlock your iPhone 4.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, i took 3 tramadols and i got fucked up. Puking at the fair and everything. Sat in the womens bathroom for hours while i was down there. Everytime i puked it was like a water fall. I not everr taking these mother fuckers again!! Cause now i have a pill hang over.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ok just some input here but I dunno wth is wrong and with everyone puking on this shit lol sorry but kindof makes me chuckle a little... ive taken tramadol for the past 5-6 years or so and its never ever made me puke... I take anywhere between 4-7 at a time depending on the given mood at the moment... never puked not even felt sick in the least. I did however have one of the notorious seizures they are known for only because I couldnt remember if I had taken a dose and took another there for double dosing... took 5 then unknowingly took 6 more ( 11 total for those pausing ) and about an hour later... in walmart no less fell straight to my head flopping around like a fish out of water... anyways... I don't remember it therefore it didnt impact my quitting etc.... I wouldnt reccomend taking 4-7 at first as it took a looooong while to build that kind of tolerance... I took 2- 3x a day in the beginning and gradually uped the dose as I became tolerant to it.... it is however a MF to come off of lol the withdrawl is worse then herion from what I understand... never done it but thats what I hear.... I just know it feels like death... so to end my rambling just avoid at all costs.. the high isnt worth the low but... puking... rare... seizures... common..

Anonymous said...

I had a miscarriage and was prescribed this for pain. No pain pills have ever fucked me up like this. Blah.

Mabelmacy said...

Excellent post.

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