Tramadol fucks you up, Monday hangover edition

the usual questions, you know the answers by now: yeah, Tramadol fucks you up, yeah it will fuck you up, yeah it can fuck you up. one of them will not fuck you up. you need to take a few for them to do it, like ten or so, and you can't blame my junkie ass when you do that and send yourself to hospital cause you're a moron.

can one tramadol fuck you up
solpadol vs tramadol
Solpadol is organic codeine, Tramadol is the same thing but synthetic. they're both opiates of around the same strength.
will tramadol 50mg get you high
nope. an opiate will not get you high. they're depressants, not psychedelics. if you meant will it chill you down, well, not at that dose.
codeine pill do they fuck you up?
sorta. they make you drowsy if you take enough of them, and eventually they will lead to liver damage, but it's the paracetamol in them you gotta watch out for. if you have straight codeine, knock yourself out.
fuck, fuck and fuck again
that's me. HA HA I HAVE A PARTNER.
is tramadol processed through the liver
yes. that is why it kicks you in the liver eventually. watch yourself.

peace, love and tramadol


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