a drugged haiku

i don't half write shit when i'm out of it. here's the latest mildly amusing mental spitbubble:

Kernel symbol broke
In the System.map file:
Fucking compiler.
i need to get out more.

peace, love and Tramadol



spoon said...

Hi lepht

Nice haiku. Reminds me of these Ai haikus, came out of an American university - unfortunately can't remember the link.

Hows it going though? Are you alright?

I'm coming up to aberdeen tomorrow, as Calum is in town. If you want to hang out, that would be cool!

Also if you're still up for hacking on delve, that would be awesome! We should do that shit!

Lepht said...

sup johnny? i'm cool, just had a bit o' liver damage i got whipped for (blood tests came back and 25% of it is shot to shit). go figure, it's my own fault. any case, yeah, soon as my exams are done i'm happy to come hack with you. i'll need a break from studying.

lemme know next time you're all in town - i need some junk buddies.


spoon said...

I found what I was looking for!

more haikus

Anonymous said...

Just bumped into your blog through h+ magazine. What you do seems interesting and. Well. Brave, I guess.

Keep pushing those frontiers.

Lepht said...

johnny - nice haikus. after the christmas i've had, i'm gonna need some cheering up is for sure.

anon - thanks. i'm more stupid than brave, though.


MooNWalker said...

If you are stupid then so are many other scientists and researchers. Thanks to them being "stupid" we have science, technology and medicine. Rock on, keep on going.

Lepht said...

moonwalker - hey, feel free to join the stupid. it might be dumbassery in the name of science, but it's fun.


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