good news, everyone:

the new node appears to be taking, with the help of a hefty daily dose of flucloxacillin just to be sure (i heart the NHS.) additionally, that nice little motto you see under the blog's title is the lyrics to the chorus of wetware by the excellent Johnny Mo, a hermit-genius culture buddy of mine; it's now on my left arm, in a rather nice circuit-board design. i have therefore been entirely drained of both bodily fluids and cash.

also i have been watching the blog search stats, and i'm curious as to why certain gentlemen from the States keep asking my Lijit wijit if i am gay. i'm not, as it happens; i'm bisexual. it is, of course, entirely irrelevant to transhumanism as a whole whether i sleep with men, women or both.

thankyou and goodnight.



JoeS said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that there is an interesting statistical correlation between alternative sexualities and transhuman leanings.

Grateful Web said...

Whatever our sexuality, we needed to be treated fairly.

If you use a for profit item on your blog, like the Lijit widget, make sure to ask them what exactly they make selling your content, and what percent of this profit is shared with you.

Share your answer with the blog community, as we work to insure fairness when it comes to profiting from our content.

Keep up the good work,

Publishers Union of Bloggers

Lepht said...

JoeS - neither would i, although it would presumably be a question of disclosure ratings being higher amongst the transhumanist community rather than there actually being a higher number of non-modified straights.

Barney - i have no idea what Lijit make, but they don't share any of it with me; i refused to opt in to the revenue sharing, since it meant putting ads on SA. i fucking hate ads.


Anonymous said...

IMHO in light of modifying one's body sexuality becomes unimportant.

Lepht said...

i know, right? it confuses me why this question is still considered so important that it needed to go on my FAQ...

i mean, i haven't thought about it in years. the inappropriacy of the term "faggot" made me laugh, but that was about it.


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