i'm retired from the human race

due to the diligence of my newfound readership (hat tip Ian), you can find my queer ass on an obscure YouTube video from last year, hosted under my nasty ex-partner's account. it's about how to insert nodes on the back of your hand, which tbh is a pretty worthless procedure, but someone (i forget) asked me for video.

or you can find it at said abusive's account. bear in mind i haven't spoken to him in a year, so i don't want anyone going all OMG UR EX SENT ITS ARMY HERE CUZ YOUR A CUNT. he is a cunt, but that's beside the point; i was a cunt while we were together as well, albeit less so.

enjoy, marvel, speculate on what the fuck that is on the back of my wrist.



Ian said...

what song is that playing in the background anyway?

Ian said...

also, just noticed the h+ tattoo on your right wrist. very nice


Lepht said...

the song is the 'glitch mode' mix of "Deface", by Cyanotic. it's from the album Transhuman 2.0.

the H+ tattoo is actually on my left shoulder though, bro - that one you're looking at is sorta my personal code of conduct. it's all fucked up because it's in my handwriting, but it says "determination - discipline - defiance". i've got way too much ink.


Brook said...

just to say, the video is no longer working (guessing Wy33t privated it), which is a shame 'cause it looked interesting. Also I was wondering if you had any sort of inventory of your implants?

Pete said...

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