things i have been doing today:

spinning on office chairs when nobody is around like a special child
lining up chips and PCB push buttons so they look like little creatures making a journey behind my keyboard to hunt for Penguin mints, which i then arranged them "eating"
swearing at electronic components i lack the finesse to pick up with my stubby little gimp fingers
stealing cola from the sports conference going on in our building

i am a mature, 22-year-old researcher in my field.



spoon said...

Enjoy your time!

Today was the first day I have had free from doing assignments for a while, and I have spent it drinking! Not perhaps an activity most conducive to success but relaxing none the less.

PS components VS mints?!

Lepht said...

it's not free time, bro, it's wasted job time... but the components weren't fighting the mint, they were eating it... piezos are peaceful creatures.


melladh said...

Sounds like an excellent waste of job time, if it's "one of those days" rather than "every damn time"

Lepht said...

oh yeah, i do usually do work.



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