search engine blues

aside from the usual stuff people ask my Wijit for, like can you get high off one Solpadol pill and does Tramadol fuck you up and where the fuck is Lepht it said it would be here an hour ago, i have seen some weird search shit coming through recently.

fuck u gram
uh, what?
i have no idea who this is, but someone keeps searching the blog for the name. if anyone knows, do enlighten me.
fuck tramadol
finally, someone not looking to get high on that shit. which you can't.
dr fuck me off
if you mean the doctor will jack you off, you're wrong. otherwise... well, my faith in the uneducated was never very strong to begin with.
oh, you'll find a lot of that here.
fuck a pillhead
Muad-Dib does. you don't get to unless you pay me a lot of money, though.
steve haworth clinic
you want to try Haworth's own site.
will flexiril and tramadol mess you up?
oh, fuck knows. i am not a drug encyclopaedia, guys, and to boot you're asking me about Yankee drugs when i'd slit my wrists before i visited that humanity-forsaken empire of greed again. go to Erowid or NetDoctor or something.



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[pls no ask about the vodka. debate is always welcome. remember, Tramadol fucks you up]