the things i do for biohacking, part 2

here is footage of the latest node-siting, completed about an hour ago. in this little flick you can see yours truly, in hood and surgical gloves, trying a new way to do this operation: i have my hand on an ice pack, and it's been in the freezer for about ten or fifteen minutes before the footage starts. this time i asked Muad-Dib, the other guy you see in the video, to do the puncture and shove the node in - doing it myself takes such a long time and is so fucking painful that we thought this way would be better. as it happens, it is; i still scream, but the process itself is far quicker.

i did try to strip the sound, but it wouldn't fucking encode, and i got pissed off with it, so fuck it. y'all can hear me screaming like a little girl. i've been told i sound like Jack from Mass Effect II, if that makes it any the less disturbing. also it came out all weird and high-pitched, fuck knows why. the quality is, as expected, godfuckingawful. apologies.

Muad-Dib does drop the node three or four times before he gets it in there. i had to evacuate the house so i wouldn't scare my roommates with the yelling, not that it bothered any of us. the guy filming is a buddy called Mike, who's a photography genius and remarkably unbothered by this.

goddamn, i do some fucking nasty things in the name of transhumanism.



Max said...

That's both incredibly cool and kind of disturbing. I somehow have the romantic idea that in the future, people will look back upon people like you and think of you the same way as we think of Nikola Tesla and Da Vinci. Batshit insane, but pioneers and visionaries nevertheless.
Your voice does sound kind of high-pitched, but then again I guess that's okay as you describe yourself as 'genderless'.

Note to self: I finally gotta play Mass Effect 2. ME1 was brilliant.

Lepht said...

Max - thanks, although Tesla was undoubtedly far smarter than i am, and da Vinci more so. (it's true, i am either a hardass woman or a weakling guy... take your pick, my sex chromosomes have little impact on my daily life. i consider my mind to have no gender, if that makes sense.)


Psycher said...

Filming it was not so bad. i have heard and seen much worse things. i just wish i had been able to see more with the cam, the vid dose not do the procedure justice. hope that your finger feels ok anyway (nothing that a little drink would not fix)

thank you for the complement about my work! not sure if "genius" is the right word though. "special" or "different" mite be more accurate description.

was fun and i am glad i could help.

Ian said...

well, we certainly did get some nice theatrics with this--i'll be especially looking forward to the northpaw video.

btw, for those who don't know yet, Bryan Steeksma has finished his new song--"Listen to Reason." some of you may recognize it as the theme song that The Atheist Experience has been using for the past few months. thus once and for all debunking the myth that atheists cannot come up with good art. for those who want to listen, go to his myspace page. it's also on itunes.


Lepht said...

oh, hey, Mike. didn't realise you knew where this place was. it's all gravy, anyway, i just wanted a record to show i'm not making this up.

Ian - yep, i'm nothing if not theatrical when in pain, and there was plenty of blood there to keep y'all entertained. i will be videoing whatever work i do on the northpaw, as well.


malces said...

As much as I look forward to the clean and corporate Apple-esque presentation of transhumanism for the masses, I've got to say that I dig the aesthetic you've got going here Lepht. Hope you live long enough to tell the youngins about the good old days-- back when entities still clung to gender like a safety blanket and you got to see your own blood every time. Walking to the emergency room, uphill both ways, breathing real air.

Liked the video, regardless. Listening to you scream is great :D

Lepht said...

malces - oh, man, if that corporate shit ever happens to the improvement of the species i'll probably just give up and inhale a nice lungful of argon then and there. i despise what Apple have done to Unix computing.

seriously, though, thankyou. it's good to know that other people think this shit is worth doing too. i honestly would love to see an age where gender is recognised as the artificial construct it is, no longer conflated with physical or chromosomal sex.

i've really gotta do something about the screaming, though.


Anonymous said...

Youtube says your vid is bad for me and won't show it. Can you reupp somewhere else ?

Lepht said...

i did, it's on Megavideo if i remember correctly.


crypto said...

do you have a link to the new video?

youtube claims that it is harmful, despite the crap music they post sometimes which causes much more grievous harm.

Ian said...

crypto: here it is.


Rose said...

Megavedeo has been hijacked by the government now :( Is there anywhere else i can see it?

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