the unreliable narrator

i will be taking an extended leave of absence from... well, life in general while term is active. i realise a few of you check this site routinely, and i apologise for its lack of life whilst i am pursuing other goals; i don't want to make promises i can't keep, and so i can't promise development of my H+ projects will continue (it usually doesn't) whilst i have continuous assessments, exams, mid-term tests and the like to pass. i don't get an opportunity to resit anything this year, and it's my final year of University, so unfortunately everything else has to take a back seat.

i am genuinely sorry for the lack of effort recently on my part. as some of you will know (and doubtless most will find it glaringly obvious), i suffer from intermittent, badly-controlled depression. a bout of it has hit me pretty hard just now despite the buprenorphine, and mostly i feel incredibly guilty about not continuing something which people have taken an interest in, but i won't get any second chances this year and i have to prioritise the first chances as a result.

i am sorry. i know this will piss people off. i will update when i have anything of value to say.



malces said...

You don't have anything to be guilty about mate. Meatspace is meat-- concessions to the organism are a sad fact of doing business here.

As far as people getting pissed off for your focusing on academia instead'a blood-letting for a bit: if such folk do in fact exist, fuck them. Unless they're gonna start financing your intrapersonal toolkit, that is :]

Unqualified to speak said...

All the grey hair I have I owe to my final year.
Look after the necessary, boss.
You absence might even push us into actually bloody doing something. (",)

Lepht said...

you have absolutely no idea how much i appreciate hearing that, gentlemen. i was not expecting to hear anything positive. honestly - thank you.


Ian said...

alright, well, see ya later, and hope you do well this year :-)


Max said...

Hey man, you don't have to apologize for anything, we'd all do the same, finishing university is just way more important than some side-project, however awesome it is. You've been entertaining our bloodlust for free for quite some time now and if anything we should feel guilty we couldn't support you more.

Good luck, mate.

Anonymous said...

Ditto everyone else. Priorities are a fact of life.

Johnny Ennui said...

I have to jump on the bandwagon too. I've been following your blog for about a month now (found it from H+) and went back and read everything. I can't tell you how cool it is to find out that somebody who isn't a high-paid academic with a cushy job and a book deal has the guts to actually take the plunge (for SCIENCE!) and cut themselves open to add useful stuff. You're a revolutionary protocyborg everybeing, and I find that inspiring.

So seriously, don't sweat it. We're lucky to have you and what you do at all. You don't have any obligation to provide us with entertainment, and I think we all want to see you do well. So go kick this term in the ass. We'll be here when you get back.

(Wow, I am a wordy bastard, aren't I?)

tl;dr - U r kewl, dun swet skul.

Lepht said...

thanks, all. i'm trying pretty fucking hard to catch up with everything i've missed, and it looks like i have a lot of work on my hands. still, i will be speaking in December, so if anyone's around Berlin, come see and we can chill.


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