return of the wanderer

greets, all. i apologise again for my absence; i have been juggling various awful arrangements, fun with Christmas in a twisted definition of the word 'fun', a brand-new psychiatric diagnosis (looks like i have borderline personality disorder rather than autism), my decade-divorced parents getting back together and the fact that i have a hell of a lot less money than i thought i did to get to the 27c3 with. ugh. also coldsores, withdrawal, repeat scrip woes with gum-chewing receptionists, trying to buy presents for people with zero budget and repeating the year because i spent six weeks in a state of mind wherein it was an achievement not to try and kill myself every day.

regardless, i am alive. just.

Berlin is hopefully still on, pending the airports actually being open. to be honest i don't know what the fuck i'll do if they're not; if anyone knows a way to get to Berlin from England short-notice (i.e. within a night, no cross-continental bus rides) do tell. i still need to write the slides, to my embarrassment, and they're now crowing for a video of me while i'm scrabbling for the money. i'm pretty fucking stressed.

i shit you not there are 4459 unread emails in my goddamn inbox, none of which are spam, and this is just my personal mail. i don't dare look at my academic address. i will reply to your mails and comments, but it will take me a while. i apologise to anyone who has been waiting a while, although really i don't think i'm important enough to anyone that that's necessary. i have not been ignoring any of you on purpose, i promise.

i'm writing slides tonight, as well as looking at flights. the topic is incredibly general, so is there anything you people particularly want to see?



spoon said...

So you may be repeating but at least it gives you get time to work on your skills :) Go Pyke, go!

I don't know if that is cheery-making, but you probably guess that learning more about computers is what makes me happy. I dunno, maybe you want to break some computers with a hammer now?

Definitely the most important thing is to be happy. That sounds a bit silly and contrived but it helps me focus when things go wrong. Happiness - the rest is allll bullshit.

I can't go to your talk, but what interests me is network communication and biohacking - multi agent systems, where a person and a node are wired together.

spoon said...

Sorry lingo-typo-brain-fart fail,

replace "multi agent systems"
with "peer to peer systems"

spoon said...

Uh-oh, someone just got reported for spamming!

phryk said...

Practical current and future uses of the results of biohacking would be interesting. I think it's always interesting to see what a culture does with the tech it's given.

See you on Sunday or Monday, I'm looking forward to it.

Max said...

Argh, I wish I could be there, but I can't. :( I am /so/ going to watch the stream live though.

(btw, I've been throwing pagehits at you these past weeks. Good to see you're still alive ;) )

phryk said...

@Max: Why can't you come? I thought you had a ticket? There was someone offering a ride to the 27c3 on the rzl mailing list on the 22nd, so getting a ride really shouldn't be much of a problem.

Max said...

I had my thumb on a ticket, but had to let it go because social conventions are more or less keeping me at home till after new year's eve.

I would even have had a ride to Berlin, but only if I'd stayed in Karlsruhe over christmas, and my family wanted me to come home, so I drove home two days ago. In order to get to the congress, I would have had to drive home on the 23rd, drive back to Karlsruhe till the 26th, pack my stuff, (then drive to where ever my ride departs from, either KA or Mannheim), and get to Berlin, all amidst the snow chaos. It's a shame, but I decided to wait with the whole CCC stuff till I'm worthy ;)

But here goes a hat tip to all people actually attending the event. Applaud Lepht for me, too, will you?

phryk said...

Sure thing.
I can drink a mate or two for you, too ;)

Max said...

Actually that won't be necessary, I've brought home with me a whole case of mate (not available in Luxembourg, and I have to feed my thirst for caffeine). It basically does my programming for me ;)

If you choose to drink one or two mate more than usual you're still welcome to do just that, but don't be surprised if you wake up and you've started an open source movement or written a kernel patch.
Or gotten throat cancer, for that matter. Have fun, kids.

Max said...

Phryk: No need to do that, I have access to mate here myself - had to bring a whole case of that stuff from Karlsruhe to fuel me through programming exercises.
You're still welcome to drink one or two mate more than usual though, as long as you don't mind the raised risk of getting cancer, but then again, if you've heard of places like the raumzeitlabor, chances are you've had more mate than I can imagine anyways...

Have fun, kids.

Max said...

I am the blogger comment monster, and I love to eat comments that get submitted to this thread. I have settled here, so anything you leave here will be my feast.

Lepht said...

i see your blogger comment fuckup and i raise you administration powers. glad to know some of you will make it, anyhow.

and Spoon darling. what the fuck would make me ever smash equipment with a hammer, short of it belonging to my vile ex?

hell, even then, i'd steal it.


Kuro said...

Regarding psych diagnosis, I've had both Asperger's and BPD in the course of this year, and am by now thoroughly sick of being treated like an object and/or a moron over it.

Vendetta said...

hey lepht your talk at 27c3 was fucking awesome - your crazy, a genius and a pretty good ahead-thinker at the same time! also you look like the chick in mirrors edge which makes you pretty cool and sexy =) - anyway - keep up your hacks and researches your ahead of (y)our time - really!

Chris said...

Hey, unfortunately I didn`t make it to your talk today, but I streamed it from the place I was staying. FUCK! That was just amazing, wish you had more time and I'd love to see some pics from your surgery's, well maybe not love, that sounds wired, but I'm interested :-)

I have some more questions which I'd like to better ask you in private, somewhere I read you have a gmail address,... or should I use the one from your profile here?

Greetz and THX for the great talk,


Anonymous said...

"borderline personality disorder"
What's the definiton?
"One of the few sane people out there"?

Lepht said...

hi all. thanks for the props, and Chris, you can contact me at lepht atsymbol trioptimum point com. it will take me a long while to get to you, though, so could you first read the FAQ and see if it has your shit?


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