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i can't answer all of those, either. there's way too many from way too long ago. this is what's going down if you've emailed me:

- if you were asking for step-by-step instructions for the experiments i've already done, those are being completed little by little. i have a list of those who have asked for them and will send them out to you when they're done.

- if you were asking common questions and i didn't answer you, it is very likely because those questions were already on the FAQ. i would happily respond to each and every person who asks where to get neodymiums, who i am, whether i'm gay, etc. with the answers or a direction to the FAQ, but i just don't have time any more. there are literally hundreds of you asking the same questions. go to the FAQ by the green link, from my profile, in the left sidebar there.

- if the answer to your question is not there and it pertains to implant hardware or control software, or you have ideas for the Southpaw development effort, go to Biohack.me and ask questions in the relevant thread there, or start a thread with your idea. this is also the place to go if you just wanted an update on the progress of the Southpaw or other experiments.

- if your question is a personal one, ask it here in a relevant post, or email me again with [Non-FAQ] in the subject line.

- if you are attempting to romance me, please don't. i'm sure you're great but i get a lot of this and i love Muad-Dib in permanence. believe me, you all will know if ever this ceases to be the case.

- if you wanted the video or photos of my latest experiments, a link to a reupload will be forthcoming.

the rest i will be dealing with personally. emails which cover any of those things above, i'm just not able to respond to and they will have been deleted. (if i had extra time you will receive a lovely copypasta that tells you pretty much what i've said here.) carpe corporem



Ian said...

it's, it's--IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!1

welcome back; sounds like you've had quite the rough time this year. you know you'll never manage to get rid of us ;-)

malces said...

At the risk of sounding redundant, I must reiterate the supportive and enthusiastic comments you've received from most of your commenters: glad you're still alive and soldiering on in the face of internet celebrity and irl adversity :]

Keep on truckin', and that.

Max said...

What Lepht isn't telling us is that it died and managed to resurrect itself - the ultimate biohack. D:

Seriously though, great to see you back in the intrawebz, Captain.

Bianchii said...

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Anonymous said...

Good to see that you're still up and at it. Hope it gets easier from here on. ^.^d

Ian said...

by the way, if anyone's interested in getting magnets, at biohack.me we've had a group-buy set up. while that group-buy is now closed, I'm sure there are other like-minded individuals, and if you set up a new thread there, people would probably go in with you. one advantage to the magnets we're using is that they come with a layer of parylene, so you don't have to worry about putting them in Sugru or anything like that. this also makes the implants smaller and easier to handle.

@L: you may want to put up the step-by-step instructions at our wiki. then, when people ask you for them, you can link them there.


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