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we got a letter a few days ago that said we're being evicted, again. the new outdoor second-floor beer balcony that the pub's owners (a company called Belhaven) have been wittering on about apparently requires the destruction of my home. B and i have been given two months to get the fuck out before they want to start construction, which means ball-wrecking our flat to make room for a little atrium and stairway where customers will come for about twenty days of the year max, to "enjoy" the "sun" of the City. we haven't even been here for the year we said we'd be.

Muad-Dib and i are gonna try and get a one-bedroom place to live in that we can share, and B is gonna find someplace to live by herself before she moves to Southampton (southwest England) in September. i have no idea where we're gonna live or what it's going to cost, but at least we can pool our resources. i'm still pretty stunned that he's cool with that kind of commitment.

the stupid thing is that this beer balcony is a shitty business decision. there's one right next to where they're gonna put it that gets all the sun in the courtyard, literally two metres away from their one. there's also an existing beer garden for this pub that's well liked, and a pub next door that has a proper roof terrace, twice the size of the balconies and heated with proper shelter for the rain and a 360-degree suntrap all year round. to boot, customers of our pub will have to climb several flights of stairs and go round to the back of the building to reach this balcony, unlike the other balcony. they will not be arsed to do it. it's not gonna make Belhaven any fucking money given the cost it will incur to build the damn thing. B wants to write to them and ask them to postpone construction but i doubt they'll agree.

i can't do fuck all about it yet, although at least we have a plan (exams are first priority right now). just thought i'd let you know that once again my landlords have turned out to be cunts.



Anonymous said...

shit lepht, when do you ever get a break

Anonymous said...

Lepht - how long have you lived there and what sort of contract do you have? Two months notice is usual once the fixed period of an ast has expired - if the minimum term (often 6 months) is still in force you can't be evicted unless you breach the tenancy. Might be worth seeing your students union's welfare rights people.

On the other hand it might just lead to a longer period of uncertainty.

Yeah. When /do/ you ever get a break?

Anonymous said...

i know this is of no help for you, but what happened is the very reason why i once planned on living in a house made of two old modified 20' cargo containers (windows and doors cut out and insulation added ect).
so every time someone gets pissed, i could have it picked up and moved somewhere else.

not much of an option within a city tho.

Anonymous said...

Lepht! I think you're the coolest, and you'll survive. Fuck these chumps and their shit bar. I wish you the best of luck.

Unqualified to speak said...

Ah, hell. Good luck with the hunt for a new gaff, or the fight with the landlords, depending on which you guys decide to go with. As per, gimme a shout if I can help.

Anonymous said...

If worst comes to worst, leave a open carton of milk behind one of the radiators before you go.

Anonymous said...

Better than milk - put a dead turtle or fish or something in the radiator!

Simnioniwhgpj said...

If worst comes to worst, leave a open carton of milk behind one of the radiators before you go.

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