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i welcome any kind of message from pretty much anyone who isn't trying to sell me gods or penis pills. i sometimes can't reply to everything but i'll try my damndest to read everything people send me.

email: lepht at trioptimum point com
physical address [EDIT: 21 Ashgrove, Thornbury, Bristol BS35 2LH]
mobile: (+44) (0)7527 428831, i'm absolutely shit on the phone and i really hate voice calls because of how awkward they make me so SMS greatly preferred, you can call me if you like but you'll likely get stuttering and monosyllables and i tend to hang up if i can hear my own voice.
IM on request: lephthatesmsn@hotmail.com, tell me if you wanna IM so i can try to remember how to work it
twitter: @lepht_anonym

i have a Steam account as well but i can't remember its username right now. i'll see if i can dig it up so we can have some co op. any other things that you want me to set up or think would be useful, go ahead and suggest, i'm all for anything that helps me be less isolated and more connected with you guys.

gonna go make some spiced milk and play some Alice now. carpe corporem



Max said...

MSN? Ugh, let's see if I can find that old account of mine. If you happen to have Jabber/XMPP, I'd prefer that, but I guess msn will work if it has to.

Consider this my IM application. Oh, one condition: let me be the first one to say "I told you so" after you get a thousand friend requests on msn and steam. ;)

Mitchell said...

Dammit, you weren't supposed to return just yet. I was still working on my "Lepht Behind" fanfic, in which this blog and its readers are all that's left of the Internet and humanity after an apparent singularity, and they use the comment section to communicate and slowly figure out what happened.

Anonymous said...

Erk, seriously, don't put your physical address up here. :(

DCWhatthe said...

Anonymous is right, Lep. Do not give out your real address and/or phone number, on the web. Please take it off.

Feoa Winters said...

I third taking your address down.
(although now i have it i can send you your birthday present - once it's finished)
I'm feoa on steam, i don't play much but i do play worms ^^

ThomasEgi said...

I would prefer Jabber/XMPP, too. Otherwise email probably works out (altho I suck at writing them).
Please rethink that address thing, you can still hand it to people upon request if you want to.

Sheaman said...

Thats cool, if I manage to make it to Europe I can prolly shake your hand :) focus on the positive kid!

Ian said...

L--once you manage to pick up a few of the pieces of your life (if you haven't already done so), I invite you to join us at something called Grindhouse Wet Wares, which is a collective of people looking to build grinding-related devices and release them to the world. already, we have a device out called the Thinking Cap, which applies tDCS (other pieces of functionality planned) to the brain, and soon we'll release the Bottlenose, which is basically a sonar that interfaces with a magnet implant.

we even have a modified version of the Southpaw called the Southpaw++ planned, so I encourage you to join us.

anyway, forgive the shameless plug,


DCWhatthe said...

That's not a shameless plug, Ian. That's sharing something that was relevant to her prior activities.

Even though the Bottlenose is not ready yet, please forward more information, as soon as your crew says it's ok.

Anonymous said...

Id also appreciate a Jabber account.

Alfred Hather said...

steam is good i use that, although mostly for star treck online these days. im gona be another saying that phisical phone number and physical address posibly not the best idea, imean god knows what one of us could send you.

Hugh Man said...

Really glad you're back L. keep us posted,,, Ghost...

DCWhatthe said...

Lep, where did you disappear to?

C'mon, don't scare us again.

tiny_postcards said...

Giving out your real address is pretty standard for folks who mean business. It's just unfortunate that Lepht doesn't have the luxury of an alternate address, e.g. the office.

Lepht! I realise that generally you like to be left alone, but if you disappear for another 6 months, I will pop round with a food/joy parcel and to make sure you're no deid.

Alek said...

I'll be in the UK over the winter if your physical address is still up and you still seem to be alive, I'll come by and harass you.
Sent an email in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Now that I have your addy, I'm going to send you a post card...

Simon Wike said...

I was starting to wonder if you had been sectioned under the mental health act. Welcome back

DCWhatthe said...

She's still around, everyone. Our hero is just dealing with domestic issues right now.

Some of her tweets are funny, even though she's not trying to be.

Naron Mccormick said...

Just discovered you on a random surf. You're the first person who's ever managed, to me, to really answer the question of "But what do I DO with it?" in regards to getting non-survival-necessity things installed in your bod. The idea of sensing EM fields hadn't occurred to me before reading about you.
Thank you for welcoming comment!

Naron Mccormick said...

Just discovered you on a random surf. You're the first person who's ever managed, to me, to really answer the question of "But what do I DO with it?" in regards to getting non-survival-necessity things installed in your bod. The idea of sensing EM fields hadn't occurred to me before reading about you.
Thank you for welcoming comment!

Naron Mccormick said...

Just discovered you.
I think you have the best answer of what to DO with implants, why bother getting stuff you don't need to live put into you,
that I've ever heard from anyone.
EM Sensing? Of course.
jealous i didn't think of it.
Thanks for welcoming comments.

Naron Mccormick said...

Okay, just said the same thing three times. three different ways, yet.

I don't think I like this interface.
I'm really not an idiot, I just don't use my google Anything very much...

motoko kolster said...

i love you, lepht.

motoko kolster said...

what if i sell you god pills?

motoko kolster said...

i finally got a phone, but a glitch is preventing recieving sms. plus i want to hear you. you know me. i hate calling internationally, i've been trained like a hound to make sense of american phone numbers, so this whole 'six or sometimes seven' digit thing is very bewildering. i also have to wonder if its okay to use 0 as + for +44. it says it on my cell phone, it says +/0, but does the UK know that? do they agree? lol do they aprove? wait i think i might have found the solution for the sms thing. btw, my number, here in america is (845) 800-9656. 854 is the area code, which doesn't match my physical location because its a cell from out of town. we usually have to dial 1-845...etc but also a lot of our phones do this automatically (somehow, which i always suspected was going to cause trouble further down the line), but the thing is, for some reason google can't give me instructions to call a cell phone in the US from Aberdeen Scotland, only for calling Aberdeen Scotland from a cell phone in the US. very bizzare, i have to say. maybe we're just another china....? does china know they're china...?

motoko kolster said...


here- this is from my webmag on Facebook, 'Burn Webmag'

#phonetrouble Wow.. okay : Scary Messages from Ohio, and Early Attention in American Verizon Switch Systems.
.by burn webmag on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 9:59pm ·.Did you get a call from 440-773-8443? Read the posts below to find out details about this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.

Dear readers, this is something i just stumbled across looking for an answer to an unrelated technical question, but isn't it strang how brazen and intimidating this particular fake number is being?

and there's our nasty 2 switch 15-2 again, which strangely enough comes up when i try to call a number in scotland, at +44 (0) 7527 _______. it seems our dear verizon friend 'switch 15-2' can't tell the difference between a 6 to 14 digit number in scotland and a 1-440 call to Ohio. i will say this, then: our verizon switching system seems to have 'early attention' rather than 'late attention'. this (the terminology is borrowed from cognitive neuroscience) means that as soon as it hears a '440' it immediately turns us to a switchboard (apparently 15-2) and waits for the rest of the number there, rather than waiting for the whole number so that it can understand what these digits are supposed to be commanding. instead of an international code 44 with a prefix (0) [somebody help me with the international calling lingo?] it just kind of crams my first digits into an area code - 440, and then sees what else i want. This is really a ruining of the phone system, since i don't have a button that can make verizon stop hijacking my telephone commands and simply telling me i have a number that doesn't work (after all, everyone in america has three digits for an area code and a seven digit number, so obviously i'm just an idiot if i typed in a 10 digit phone # for someone in ohio, right verizon?)i remember i once tried the phones at the Transitional Living Residence at Bronx State Psych in ny, and i found that no number begginning with the first two digits 9 1 could be completed past the second digit. their payphones, which were supposed to allow the clients to call emergency numbers, had recently been discovered to be illicitly re-routing all 911 (emergency in USA) calls to the 'safety desk' at the security station in Bronx State Psych. so, having been caught red-handed snarfing up all public emergency calls to 911, they simply made the phones unable to dial the second '1' in '911'. i don't know who made this modification, but i swear if i ever find them i'm going to take them over there and show them what that place is like when you can't call 911. be responsable with your skills, people.

some people who know me will understand, too, why it is so strange that one of these numbers should be '440-733-8443'. that's poetic reasoning, there, btw. some kind of Jungian dream-mutant. ( : ( )

here's the report:

motoko kolster said...

(cont'd, in excerpt, the whole thing is up at burn webmag. btw: Tax Fraud is considered one of the most serious possible legal offences in the USA, along with impersonating a federal officer and/or agency, and the IRS(internal revinue service, our taxation agency) is commonly considered one of the scariest agencies to be on the bad side of. They have the authority to audit everything you do in life, sometimes secretly, and also can often shoot-to-kill. it doesn't make sense to us, either.)


Country: USA

Location: Ohio (Cleveland, Elyria, Lorain)


24 Feb 2011

I received 2 calls from this number. Caller ID said Cleveland, OH. No message was left. I called back, message said, "Welcome to Verizon Wireless. The number you have reached has been changed, disconnected or no longer in service. 2 switch 15-2". If the number has been changed, disconnected or no longer in service, how can someone from that number call me?!?

Caller: Verizon

Reply !

The Smart One

25 Feb 2011

This company is a scam, but I located all the information and even filed a police report. They also use the # (205) 390-9997. It's a fake company with a fake address out of Newport Beach California. Below is the website and company number. If they call you a lot, file a police report. Takes about 5 minutes and can do it online. Someone needs to stop them!


Tel # (877) 771-9408 (ask for John Silver if you want to annoy them!)


5000 Birch Street

Suite 3000

Newport Beach, CA 92660
Caller: Patriot Tax Relief

Call Type: Telemarketer

Reply !

28 Feb 2011

I constantley recive a bogus messages about tax debt does anyone how to block them

Caller: verizon

Call Type: Debt Collector

disgruntled ex-employee

15 Mar 2011

Hello All,

I am about to make your day, after working for these schmucks for the past 1yr and 3 mo. I know what a**holes these guys are, they often do not even pay there employees what they owe. However after reading this I have learned 1 thing none of you really know where this is coming from, so i am going to give the gift that will keep on giving the owners name, address where the call center is, his cell phone number a direct number to dial into, you can really kill their bottom line by calling them as much as they call you OH and yes you better believe they actually do dial the DNC on purpose, brings their lead cost down. Below is all their info Have fun!!!

They dial out using these false numbers, if you have recieved a call from these numbers this is the company who has dialed you:








The company has several names, here is their name and location::

Direct Source Media, LLC

Direct ROI, LLC

Patriot Mortgage (Loan Modification, not really they don't even have a mortgage license nor do they really do a modification, they just accept your money then dissappear)

Patriot Tax (They don't even have a CPA, your better off taking the $4000 they charge you and flushing down the toilet)

They are all located at:

16800 Aston St. STE 150

Irvine, CA 92606

The owner and guy who calls you all day is:

Mike Mardesco

Cell Phone: 949-285-7168

Cars he Drives and can often be found in the parking lot:

Black Ferrari

Yellow Lamborghini

Silver s500 with black rims

white range rover

Direct dial in number to his office:


Merry Christmas
Caller: Direct Source Media, Patriot Tax, Patriot Morgtgage

Call Type: Telemarketer

Reply !

"outside rainbows

monster's mouth

strangers still

split into two people

laughing and smoldering

we turn into children

with donkey tails and ears

the puppeteer's pretty one hangs in the doorway "
-Dax Riggs/Deadboy & The Elephantmen, Thing In A Jar, Velvet Songs For Golden Skulls

'Under a dead ohio sky
11 has been and will be waiting'
-Tool, jimmy, ├ćnima.

motoko kolster said...

(sorry this is so long) in the end, this is a good example of our phone system in America and our actual vs. suggested freedom to communicate, as well as the reasonability of our gov't's use of tax money and powers of taxation.

it is also the reason i cannot reach you.

which makes me very sad, because i've wanted to talk to you over the phone or chat with you on something i can use for a long time now. as you know i worry about you a lot, and and i care about you a lot [okay, don't worry, this part is directed personally to Lepht, and it isn't in the article or anything] i know also you said you don't really want voice calls, but just for a little while, i would like to talk to you. or you can send me instructions to chat with you. as technologically distressed as i am, i can't always figure out how to use social tools on the internet. Software companies + socialization = me freakout.

hmm i also want to send you a present someday.

Duneo said...

A beginning is a very delicate time.

You do not dabble in mediocrity.
Many things you do are and will be exceptional but very
few can truly comprehend them.
While those people are few, they do exist.
Please keep in touch with them.
You may find some of them need contact with like minded people
as much as you do.

Besides, I need to make a wager with you that I'll have
a southpaw installed before you. :)
(but I am looking around for low power gps chips)

BTW If you still don't have a working Linux machine let me know.
I got an extra netbook I can send over. It's new and came with Linux
preinstalled (Dell N-series). My company bought a bunch a while ago
but this one is pretty much unused. Give me a call.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lepht

I don't know if any of your email accounts are working so we try to reach you on this way. Somehow one of your email accounts was free to register. We registered it. Sorry, we were so freaking curious about you. Please don't hate me now. :) People are still sending emails to you. In case you want it back here are the details: Email-adress => lephthatesmsn@hotmail.com; password => password431; My name is Martin you can contact me here: sagichnicht847@gmx.de
Hope to read more from you in the future.

Anonymous said...

aarrgh, I changed the password after watching that my comment was posted here. So I will send the changed password to: lepht at trioptimum point com
:) Martin

Anonymous said...

what if they want to GIVE you penis pills?

Salsa Dip said...

I'd love to give you a text, if I had a phone. I think I found you on Steam, just searched for "Lepht Anonym" and it came back with one just labelled "lepht" so I'll assume that's yours.

Anonymous said...

Lepht - where are you?

Anonymous said...

We miss you!

Dan Campbell said...

Response to where is Lepht - Lep is most likely doing fine. She's taking classes, getting her education, seems to be focusing her attention there.

Anyway, if she's in any trouble, she has the email addresses and phone numbers of many of us, as well as a therapist and other people in her life. She has sufficient resources to handle whatever comes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lepht

We could use netcat to send short text messages through the internet. The receiver must establish a server with "netcat -l 2000 > copy.txt" where copy.txt is the data file which will copied to your hard disc. The sender must establish a client with "netcat 2000 < original.txt" where original.txt is the file which is a text file located on the hard disc. This file should contain the (encrypted) message data. 2000 is a port to send and receive. We could also define a key to encrypt the messages a 512 bit key should be sufficient. So the data we must exchange first are our IP addresses and our encryption key and we would be ready to communicate. :)

Let me know what you think. :) =)
Merry x-mas and happy new year

Anonymous said...

Dan Campbell is correct in his assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone still following this blog know if Lepht is still ok and doing her experiments at all? I'm hoping she will see this and reply or someone else can.
I really hope all is well.

Lock said...


Pretty sure Lepht is doing okay. It has a twitter account, and there's been some sporadic updates over the past 2 months. Whether or not there's any experiments related to the H+ I can't say, but if you've read the blog you may understand It has had it quite rough over the years. It isn't unlikely It will do an update here on the blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the reply Lock!!!!
I found this blog years ago but had long forgotten about it but have recently found all of this extremely interesting again.

Anonymous said...

Something stuffed up and it wouldn't let me type anything else.
I don't have twitter but it may be worth getting just to keep up to date with the projects.
I have read through this blog and was quite concerned about Lepht and not seeing an update here :(
Thanks so much for letting me know :)

Christmas said...

I've got some dupe games on Steam I've been waiting to give to somebody. Hit me up on Steam at walrusthief if you want them.

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