in other news here is my dog

i love my dog. her name is Frankie. she is my best friend.



Dan Campbell said...

Give Fido our regards, and tell them to keep our Lepht warm and feeling loved, until the right guy comes along.

Lepht said...

aw thankyou :) i shall give her an apple core from you guys, that's her favourite treat. she's the best.


The true Faust said...

D'awwww, she's so cute :)

Lepht said...

yeah if i was a weaker person this blog would just be a cavalcade of pictures of my dog. she's kickarse, she does all the tricks, never disobeys a command. she's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and they have a reputation for being gangsters' dogs here, but i've never met one that wasn't just as sweet as she is. sometimes she gets a bit aggro with other dogs or big dudes, if she thinks i need protecting, but she wouldn't hurt anyone who wasn't a rapist.

maybe if they flashed me she might bite someone's cock off.

but she is a good dog :)

Dan Campbell said...

"maybe if they flashed me she might bite someone's cock off."

On that note, let us start the workweek with fresh perspective & enthusiasm, remembering Lepht fondly, but perhaps trying to forget some of the weekend blog content.

XO0o said...

Never Dan, a forgotten word is a forgotten memory and experience, and I for one would like to keep certain things :)

Dan Campbell said...

Understood, XO0o. If you want to do the honor of keeping that particular memory, much appreciated.

Hi Lepht, hope you're having a good weekend.

kjwx said...

From one Staffy owner to another - she's beautiful BTW - be careful giving apple seeds with the cores. They contain trace amounts of cyanide, which can build up in the dog's system.

Anonymous said...

I always say you can tell the caracter of the person by the way their animals behave.

Just judging by the look of the animal, I can a tell you that although you have quite a big problem with human interactions (as you told us numerous times here on the blog) you don´t have a general problem.

Maybe treating people more like dogs will help you being able to cope with human behaviour ?

Or just do as I do and always assume the worst so you can be happy if it turns out better than expected

a guy from south germany

drop_ascension said...

apple core? apple seeds have cyanide they're not really good for dogs... also she needs more mods and a couple of implants

Dan Campbell said...

Gd, I'm glad we never had a daughter. We'd be sleepless, with worry.

I hope you're ok, Lepht. Maybe you're traveling for interviews, or just need a cyber-break.

Remember you have supporters, if you need them.

Kelley said...

My daughter and I want a dog, son and husband dead set against it. And our two cats are probably not so keen so I've bowed to practicality. But these pictures really aren't helping my doggy yearning- what a gorgeous thing she is. Distracting me from reading the rest of the blog as fab as it is!

Kelley @ The Whole Hound

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