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okay some new things have happened and it is time to stop neglecting the blog and actually tell people something! hooray.

first some bad news. unfortunately i wasn't able to pay the tuition fees for my place at UWE, and i can't get a loan because you can only have so many years' worth of loans. there's no exemption to the rule for health reasons, apparently. i signed the withdrawal form on Wednesday to break the contract and officially cancel my student status, so i am now without an occupation other than "itinerant loser". i'm trying to trade in the credits i earned so far for a designated degree, as crap as that is. much better than no degree. after that, i'm gonna try and get some kind of research assistant job. if anyone knows of any institutes or universities hiring, i'm all ears, could always do with some extra leads.

second, some good news. i found a partner - although you probably already know that because i said it on Twitter.

also the documentary is still on - we have a lot of raw footage, plus my old videos, and i'm told it now needs lots of storyboarding to work out the narrative. then editing, graphic art work, more editing etc. i don't know fuck all about filmmaking really.

health wise i'm alright. i started a new treatment last week - a six-week course focused on mindfulness, which is a new treatment for depression that looks promising from the evidence. it seems pretty helpful at first glance. i also had a new drug added to my regimen - aripiprazole (Abilify), which apart from making me sleepy as fuck is actually helping my mood levels i think. between all of that, Paul, and the support i've been getting from you all i'm dealing with things pretty well overall. it's nice to have someone to look out for me.

can't think of anything else that's happened right now, but i probably will sooner or later. hope you're all enjoying the run up to Christmas, sibs.




Dan Campbell said...

They really don't want students very badly, do they? So many obstacles thrown in the way.

Still working on the film, still a possibility. Good news.

Getting a new kind of treatment, that seems to be working - better news.

A new bo, a fellow transhumanist, who you can relate to, and who is already familiar with your circumstances and emotional state, which I guess is like half the battle of finding a stable partner. That's the best news, in a loooong time.

Lephtison I mean Lepht heh, thanks so much for forwarding the updates. Write when you can, reading your blog almost always makes me smile.

- Dwayne

Derek said...

Always good to hear from you. I hope you're able to get some official recognition of all your work at university.

Happy holidays and I'll keep an eye out in Glasgow and Edinburgh for research assistant roles if you like. What fields are you most interested in? CS, EE, not picky?

Lock said...

Really happy to hear you've found someone, sounds like a nice guy :)

Real shame you weren't able to go back to your studies though, those UK tuitions seem brutal. Holler if you need some cash, you probably need it more than I do.

Take care!

BirdMachine said...

Happy to see a new post, filled with mostly good news! Sorry to hear about the unfortunate university shenanigans :( happy to see other things in your life are going well right now though!!

Hope the upward trend continues, and you have a great holiday!

Motoko Kolster said...

" its the way of the world
every body needs somebody
every body needs love"

i dont know any internet equivalent of confetti

i did find some spaghetti though

have fun, Lepht!!!

Derek said...

Merry Christmas!

ryepdx said...

Glad to hear you're doing better these days! Looking forward to seeing what your indie documentary is like!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing well during the holidays.

Lynda Joy said...

Hey Lepht!

I read this and the newest few blog posts, but this seemed the most relevant to comment on.

In terms of your education, I think you might have more options than you are aware of, but I would have to know more. Are you studying at the undergraduate or graduate level? Many countries in Europe, including Denmark where I study, offer a free education to members of the EU, at least for a Masters degree. Also, what do you study? You are so qualified and there are so many schools emerging that are doing work related to what (I think) are your interests, in terms of sensory expansion, cyborg technologies, and virtual simulations of embodied systems.

Not sure "research assistant' is the job you want unless you are really into statistics. Have you looked into user-experience design/research?

Kudos to finding a partner; sounds really good! Also, happy that you trying these mindfulness practices. I can imagine that your mind moves very quickly, like mine, and that just the act of observing it can help manage it. Most very intelligent people suffer depression -- you're not alone. Be patient with yourself, and be good to yourself.

Excited for your documentary. Will you share it online?

Look forward to reading more of your blog. Feel free to write me an e-mail.

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