i missed that penguin

i finally got my arse in gear and installed Linux back onto this machine. amazing how much faster the OS runs than Windows, especially if you've been putting up with the latter for any longish amount of time. i use Fedora, which has always worked out of the box for me, but i found that GNOME 3 is a bit weird and required Fedy and gnome-tweak-tool to be installed before i could turn it into something resembling a usable GUI. maybe it's meant for tablets like everything else on the fucking planet these days. (in other crap news, i lost my Kindle :( )

medication wise i am thinking about coming off the Abilify/aripiprazole. my metabolism is still slow as a snail on Valium and i still weigh more than i should, although i'm down to 10st 10lb from 11st. i can't stand being overweight, so i gave up sweets and that seems to have helped some, but not enough. might have to give up alcohol as well, possibly also red meat.

no biohacking news, sorry. that's all for now sibs. carpe corporem



Usul said...

Always happy to see you're still alive and kicking!

You should consider using awesome-wm instead of Gnome3: http://awesome.naquadah.org/ It might take some getting used to, but it's the only thing I enjoy using. It doesn't get in my way -- how could it, it doesn't even do anything?

Lepht said...

huh, will take a look. cheers sib

NuclearFantasies said...

Kinda sounds like you're looking for a GNOME 2 type environment. MATE is basically a clone of that, and its got fedora integration (details through link).


Anonymous said...

Why go gnome when you can go superior fluxbox?

Anonymous said...

I read of your issue with weight, of how you had to give up sweets and may have to give up alcohol.
My personal experience: DO give up alcohol, save for a small (half glass) amount of red wine once/week.
But red meat is not the issue.
Carbohydrates (wheat-derived) are the big issue, as are sugars.
Without going into too much detail, simply try to give up wheat-derived carbs by re-routing to potatoes, rice and rye bread, and avoid any carb after 2p.m.
You'll be surprised.
Fram a pasta lover, it's the harsh truth.
As for RFID, I'm interested but not for "human consumption" ;)
Best regards,
Rome, Italy

Moray Jaundice said...

I second using MATE. I use it across 2 monitors on my dev workstation with an NVidia card. It is extremely stable. This setup has never crashed despite weeks of uptime.

My main problem with Gnome 3 was that I had to install plugins to get stuff done (e.g. shutdown (!!)). I found these plugins were not stable and caused crashes. For me crashes are much more of an issue than the problems of whatever usability paradigm is in vogue.

I used a couple of tiled WMs like Ion, back in 2007 when it was maintained, and xmonad later. However, eventually I found I was most productive with a traditional desktop.

Usually I have a couple of terminals open on one monitor which I switch between with my trackball. And a full screen web browser on the other. And I make panel buttons for the small number of other GUI programs I use regularly.

I think if I had more monitors then I would use a tiled WM like awesome-wm on at least some of them. Tiled panels would be handy to display system status, e.g. the profligate masses of tun interfaces that I emit whenever near a computer.

Glengary Glenros said...

I am definitly consider Linux

estnihil said...

Hey Lepht, been following your blog for maybe 2-3 years now (not sure how long, been in and out of various mental health crises myself). Never commented before due to social anxiety and just general illness.

Atypical antipsychotics are awful for weight I find. Aripiprazole wasn't as bad as Quetiapine or Olanzapine for me, but the weight still wouldn't go away. The only way I shifted some of my weight from aripiprazole was by eating one meal less a day (breakfast + dinner only). Not that that's necessarily a good idea, however.

My GP has the same mental illness as I do (Bipolar I) - although hers is stable - and has said that despite what psychiatrists say, dieting and exercising doesn't take the weight off that easily (some medications = metabolic syndrome, she says). My psychiatrist tends to tell me as well that psychiatric drugs only cause increased appetite. This is like saying despite how I'm too depressed to eat more than one meal a day, that somehow I am snacking in my sleep and am therefore all to blame for my weight.

So uh basically, I've kind of learnt to live with being overweight - I try to not gain more weight, but I know that even if I starve myself (I basically ended up unintentionally doing so when lamictal made me feel sick when I looked at food) the weight won't really leave completely.

Sorry for rambling post. Hope you are tolerating things okay.

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