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i need to use this blog more. i kind of stopped because it felt like a biohacking-only blog and while i've been ill there's been fuck all to say about that, but it is actually my personal blog so i might as well update it for my own sake. there was a comment on youtube that said something along the lines of "this used to be a good biohacker now it just whines on its blog" and that also had a lot to do with not feeling like i could update this unless it was to say something really ~*good and positive*~ that could in no way be interpreted as whining or off topic. of course there is fucking nothing that i can say that fits these criteria so whatever, i should never have broken my "don't read youtube comments" rule (i ended up doing it as part of a "people do too say nice things about you!" conversation a good friend was trying to have with me a couple of years back, and lo and behold i was right.)

anyway this blog doesn't have any followers so i can write what i want. i'm not going to stop writing about biohacking stuff, but right now all i'm doing on that front is gathering money for components (i made a savings account for it! like an ADULT!)

i'm aiming to finish my array of nodes first, since i've been mostly screwing with chip stuff since last i did anything. i'm thinking i might break the rule of not putting them in your index fingers, although the thumbs are definitely still out, but these will go last if i do install any there since it's gonna be hardest to heal those. including the indices i'll need five nodes (i know, i know, that's shameful) but one particular site is filled with keloid, encapsulated debris from a prior experiment & this will require its own extensive operation to remove that shit. i'm not looking forward to that particular procedure but it's necessary for a complete array and besides it probably should come out anyway. my mess, my problem. this operation will require a nerve block at any rate since otherwise it will be too painful and i won't be able to do any decent excavation work on it, i'll just end up shakey and probably won't be able to take it for very long. hopefully not too much of the tissue is compromised, i'll be annoyed if it doesn't leave me with enough to work with for nodes later (especially since i'll have to come up with some sort of compromise where i maybe install the node at the same time as i remove the mass, which of course will require some additional pain and lengthen the procedure).

i also need to consider potential other projects, whether that's things i stopped doing in the past because of ill health or new ideas i couldn't pursue during that time. i'm well aware that i have utterly fucked myself over by not being available for years on end, but i am still trying to climb out of the hole, after all this time failing and falling back down to the bottom again.

lastly, if you tried to contact me in the last while and never got a response, please feel free to try again now, and please accept my apology for leaving you hanging. i am trying hard now to not do this to people anymore.



Usul said...

Good to hear from you again -- well, outside of twitter. Getting a savings account is one the least annoying kinds of adulting. Hopefully it won't stay empty!

As per usual, you're always welcome to give me a shout. And take care!

Your sib,

- Usul

Anonymous said...

I still have this blog high up in my RSS filters, so here's one person that doesn't think It's just whining :)

Cool to hear that the array is coming along. Let us all know when there are more developments!

Anonymous said...

It's always a nice to see you blogging and still being alive. Personally I don't mind if your posts are whining, ranting or productive stuff. You'r sharing your honest mind and thoughts and that's a wonderful thing.
Also, since you wrote you've been working with chips lately: Check out Panasonic's latest pin-type rechargeable lithium battery if you haven't already CG-320A. It might be just what biohackers waited for to power future devices.

Anonymous said...

Hello guys.

I'm new to bio-hacking but would love to get started.

Is there anything you wanted that someone would have told you when you started?
I'd love to hear your input, advice, communities, YouTube channels, books...

Thank you so much.

Daniel Demski said...

Since anesthesia is always a problem, I started wondering if maybe some externally generated electromagnetic field could block nerve impulses. It turns out that that's possible in principle. https://www.google.com/patents/US6712753

Daniel Estrada said...

Hi Lepht! I'm in an argument on Facebook (of course!) over this Musk neural lace story in the news. I'm arguing with people skeptical of biohacking, and I'm struggling to walk the line of defending a person's right to mod and defending a corporate billionaire.

My first impulse was to come check your blog. =) Any thoughts?

Toni Narciso said...

Happy to hear you're still working on stuff though the "fun" with your finger doesn't seem so wonderful.

I've been lurking while following your blog for years and the so called "whining" seems to me more like completely acceptable venting about valid feelings and emotions. It's your blog, do what you want with it. Anyone who thinks otherwise can go talk about whatever it is neurotypical people talk about ❤️

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