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firstly i would like to thank anyone and everyone who donated to me recently, especially one person who i won't name for privacy reasons. thankyou. i now have funds enough to acquire the nodes and equipment i need to complete my array of 8, and i should also be able to get some anaesthetic provided i can find somewhere selling it (topical, there is little chance of my acquiring any injectable lidocaine - that said, if you know someone that sells it and ships to the UK, or you would be alright with me sending you money so you could buy some on my behalf and post it to me, i'd be much obliged.) i will let you lot know what goes down with buying it, using it etc: i've got to source certain things - i'm not sure where exactly sells the gauge of needle i need or what G size the 5mm width ones are, i need a new box of latex gloves and some other crap, and i need to buy nodes - i'm gonna go with Amaal's ready-made ones instead of making them this time round, since that's just easier and they have a nice gold coating for an extra layer of bioproofing that i wouldn't be able to add myself. this will all get filmed too so you'll be able to see whatever i do directly.

more importantly: documentary stuff. it's still in production (in case anyone thought it had died or whatever) - 20min long, looking at my stuff and the biohacking world in general, produced entirely by my friend Paul Turrell (a film Master's candidate at the University of Birmingham, you can find some of his work on YouTube. Voxis Productions is his one-man production company.) the teaser for the documentary is here. Paul has asked me to put out a call for any biohackers, grinders, transhumanists etc in the UK - he is looking for secondary contributors to the documentary. anyone with implants, or who has done any surgical work on themselves as part of experiments, or who is really interested in the philosophy of transhumanism - written blog articles or books, spoken in public about it, that sort of thing. for that last one you don't even need to have any modifications yourself, just if you can speak well about the philosophy and get the idea of it across well for laypeople you would be perfect. he would like to include short little interviews with this kind of person in the documentary. he says he is not sure whether he wants to travel to the contributors to film them, or bring them to him in Birmingham, or do Skype or whatever yet, but he'll think about it and i'll let you know when he's decided what would be best. i am guessing it will probably depend on how far away you are - he prefers to film things in person because the quality of webcam footage is apparently usually too shitty to use for film work and will look really bad. (but if you come to Birmingham, i will buy you a pint and you will get to hear a big pile of transhumanist ramblings.) anyone that contributes will get their name in the credits (and i think also when the viewer first sees you in the film), you won't be an anonymous soundbite unless you'd prefer to be.

if you're up for this sort of contribution, you can email me - lepht trioptimum.com or Paul - voxisproductions gmail.com. i'm just going to forward messages to him about this, so it's probably easier to send them to him directly, especially if you have questions about the film, contributing to it, etc etc. please don't be shy, the more of these little interviews the better. the only other contributor is me and i'm not exactly a fuckin movie star.




Dan Campbell said...

"the only other contributor is me and i'm not exactly a fuckin movie star."

Yeah, but you're still our hero, nonetheless.

Thanks for the heads-up Lepht, we'll watch for it.

L.U. said...

Hey L,

If you are looking for a topical analgesic the site cyberize.me sells ampoules of 2% lidocaine for injection, aswell as the everything else you need to do a digital nerve block for 35$ + postage. Hope this helps!

Where are you sourcing your magnets from btw? I was under the impression that the m31 and m36 magnets that Amal sells are back ordered till further notice? I'm about to go through a similar procedure myself​ with some gold-plated magnets a picked up on the cheap but I would definitely prefer some with extra bioproofing.


Guilherme Machado said...


My name is Guilherme and I´m from Brazil.
I did´nt find anyone else that speak about Bihacking here, so I looked up some english pages and found you !!! (lucky me)

Well, I am available and very interested in learning and contributing for the documentary and forever.
If you are interested in having a Brazilian participate, here I am!
Sorry for my writing, my English is a little rusty.

Thanks !!!


Dan Campbell said...

Your English is perfectly understandable, Guilherme.

Anonymous said...

I thought Paul was your partner? (as in, relationship not business?) Sorry if I read into it wrong!

Dan Campbell said...

I've been checking in every day, to see if there are more comments or questions. This is kind of exciting, can't wait to see the Documentary.

Here's one question - what does Lepht or Paul or the audience want to see next, in Biohacking? For me, it's accessible memory, both ways - 8 or 100 bytes of readable/writable memory, that requires only a mental command to access.

The extension of vision, like the Infrared research that's taking place, is also cool.

Dan Campbell said...

... and once again, Lepht disappears into the void, as mysteriously as she came.

Alright, I hope you and Paul are ok, and you forward a status, soon. Have a good month.

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