red carpet premiere

Paul finally finished his Master's degree and got the mark for it last Friday - a Distinction overall, since all the individual marks he got were also Distinction grades - so i can pass around the documentary he made now (embedded above).

huge thanks to everyone who helped make the film: Kevin Warwick, Jenova Rain and Vicarious for their interviews, Meredith Thomas for the vintage portrait sketch that was used for the title card, Klayton (of Celldweller) for allowing the use of his music for the soundtrack, and the biohacking community at large for ideas, feedback and suggestions. i apologise if anyone sent content to Paul or me and it didn't end up in the film - there was a very strict limit on how long the film was allowed to be, meaning that a lot of things we wanted to feature couldn't be kept in without it being too long. i actually do have a dusty youtube channel somewhere, however, so i plan to upload the interviews as separate films; that way you can see the full unedited versions as well if you want.

[aside: i read the feedback sheet that Paul got handed and was extremely surprised to note that his tutor, Richard, actually uses "they/them" to talk about me even when there's like zero chance i will see what he's writing which is generally not how it goes down and is also very sweet. you're a diamond Richard - even though i would probably get into academic slap fights with you over postmodernism ("is it a crock of shit? discuss.") you can learn my pronouns any time, shitlord. sorry about pretending i was not schtupping your star pupil.]

in other Paul-related news he is still kind of fucked. a CT scan showed there is a problem with his intestines, but some more... invasive... tests are required before they know exactly what that problem is or what's causing it. the next test is coming up in a week or so but until then he still can't eat solid food and is in quite a bit of pain and discomfort. i've passed on all the messages you sent to me about him, so he knows there's well wishers out there. hopefully Ganesh sends some good luck Paul's way and gets him back to health soon. (Ganesh is the god of biohackers, obviously.)

amusingly enough, Paul has needed to take some Tramadol, which you all know will fuck you up.

in any case, the homebrewed documentary i first heard about from a cute and enthusiastic Goth boy five years ago is finally actually filmed and released - he titled it "Lepht Anonym: Biohacker", so if my embed up there isn't working or you for some incomprehensible reason don't like my eye-watering tiny white text on a black background, you can find it on youpoop at his channel, Voxis Productions. you can also watch some offensive puppet humour if you're bored (i recommend it!)

more to come. i am still working on a quick guide to the various chips/tags you can buy to put inside yourself - types, what em do, installation, etc etc. i have also gone back to my online security course after having to take a break for mental health reasons, which worries me a lot, but i can't take breaks forever. i might put digests of what i've been studying up here, since it's hacking-related stuff. watch this space if you like that sort of thing.

carpe corporem



Dan Campbell said...

"full unedited version"

Yes, thank you very much.

"They/them", (by Richard, referring to Lepth).

Maybe I'm not understanding the full context. Is Richard referring to you as They, because you've stated that Lepht Anonym is genderless? In other words, is he respecting your wishes?

No. No. No. I can't believe this. Paul is around your age, Lepht. And he hasn't done anything to cause infections (no offense, love ya kid) or screw up his health, as far as we know. He shouldn't be having problems.

Well, I don't usually pray much, except to express gratitude for my life and wife and health and luck. (I find that gratitude is one of the most thereaputic things you can do.) But I'll pray for Paul, it certainly won't make him any worse; and maybe the Guy upstairs appreciates his efforts, as much as we do.

Keep us updated, Lepth. Paul - we're rooting for you, man. Please get better, and take care of our hero.

Lepht said...

hey Dan

surprisingly, yes, Richard is actually going by what i prefer there - the surprise is good, since anyone that does write about me the same way i write about myself is basically going out of their way to use different pronouns just because i like that. i don't ask people to do it - seems rude, and is a bit unnecessary given that seeing folk write "she" instead of "they" or "it" does not send me into conniptions or otherwise rustle my jimmies. he's a nice dude, Richard. met him a couple times in person, had cogent questions, seemed genuinely friendly, does have a bit of a wordy writing style but that's Arts academics for you.

in re: Paul's health, you're completely right about him not having any prior problems of this sort - he has never had any gut/stomach issues, not even of the mildest kind, and his diet is generally very good (much better than mine), so the consultant said they would be taking this extra seriously. thanks for the kind thoughts - Paul & i both appreciate knowing friends are out there thinking of him (and interceding with the possible Big Daddy on his behalf). much love


Dan Campbell said...

Thanks, Lepht.

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