personal update

i promised a personal update so here we go, i'm doing my best here. i hate sounding whiny which is definitely something i've been guilty of in the past so i'll try to describe what's been going on without sounding too much like a "oh woe is me my mental health is bad" sort of thing

so that is the major roadblock here, mental health. i am under care of a psychiatrist now rather than just a therapist, which is really good - the psych is a lovely person who seems very understanding and can screw with my medication as & when required rather than having to constantly request someone else to. something horrible has been happening for about a few months now, that requires me to keep seeing the psych, but it's not really something i want to be talking about. the main thing is that i got to the psychiatrist eventually, they put me on an additional new medication, and it seems to be working (the horrible shit is decreasing in severity as well as in frequency). i've been suffering a lot with this shit, to be honest, but that's gotten much better over the past fortnight.

i just saw the shrink now and they've changed my meds further - they're also hopeful this new regime will slowly remove the shit that the previous one didn't. i'm inclined to just trust their expertise and do whatever they tell me tbh so i'll follow this new routine and hopefully have less bad shit going round my head. i really hope this doesn't worry anyone b/c they're taking good care of me, i've got a nurse's phone no. that i can get hold of at any time of the night or day and also i've got Paul and my family here, they're all doing their best.

family shit is the same as ever, sadly. Z is in hospice 24/7, tho she's home for a week of "holiday" right now. my bro and his girl are taking good care of both her and her big brother G, and my ma & dad have agreed a sale on their house so they'll all be moving back to the Bristol area soon. my sis & my ma have set up a shop there to sell yarn and plants, they want me to move to the town they're setting up shop in too but i'm kinda spergy about change so i'm dragging my heels until i've gotten more stable mentally. Paul is doing OK.

this has been a personal update. i hope you are all doing as well as you can be doing. my love to those you love



Dan Campbell said...


Thanks so much for letting us all know, how you're doing. Sounds horrible, but also sounds like hope on the horizon.

I'm also seeking some psychological help. Nothing serious ( as far as I know ), but I've made snarky comments at the office, that could have easily got me fired. I had justification for being pissed, but reacted impulsively & self-destructively.

Also, thinks like driving anxiety, and stuff I've been anxious about, pretty much all my life. It's time to see someone about these things.

So - the rest of us might not be cursed with the severity issues that you're dealing with. But at least you're not alone, in needing external counsel.

A supportive Significant Other, friends, or even fans sometimes, can go a long way. But sometimes, we need a professional.

It's great that you live in a country where this is available, and that you found someone you are comfortable with.

Keep us updated, at your convenience & comfort.

L & R to yourself & Paul,


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today and have been going through it, and I must say you are a significant individual. I am sure things have gotten better, or will. The pain you have gone through is daunting, but not for nothing. Support from all over the world, Lepht.

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