but i am invincible!

today, we sit our asses down in the morgue of the computer world, the University lab, for a simple post-mortem. as you've probably gathered, the networks i get to play with here are huge; massive, dynamic systems, thousands of terminals, hundreds of printers, upwards of twenty main servers and i don't even wanna know how many miles of base-1000 cable. it's fairly well-secured, and not thanks to me (hell, i didn't set the security systems up): the labs are secured by swipecard access, you can't logon without a current username and password, and the password system is... adequate. the Unix servers are actually very well-defended, i can tell you.

and yet it's not secure. it is possible to hack the main server in three steps.

i'll give you a hint: the first step is to walk up the stairs to the helpdesk, which is in the Department's offices and not the Directorate's: the Department is the teaching arm of Computing, whereas the Directorate handles the running of labs, the wireless, username allocation, email and all the rest of the machine shit that the non-inducted use on a daily basis.

winner is the first who can tell me how. there's no prize, just glory.

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Ben said...

I know, way back in time xD
My guess is to claim to have forgotten the combination?
Guess a username and get a new password ;)

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