your weekly 'tramadol fucks you up':

1. will Tramadol fuck me up
3. how long for tramadol to exit
4. does tramadol fuck you up?
6. tramadol fucked up
7. solpadol
9. tramadol does it fuck you up?
10. what does tramadol do to you?
11. tramadol fuck up

don't really surprise me no more. for the information of my tramhead readers, it takes about six hours for the effects of tramadol to wear off, seven for the drug to exit your system totally - at least in my case, it'll vary hugely (we're talking by like three hours here). i've talked about what tramadol does already; go and find out for yourselves if you wanna know that bad, or just take the fucking drugs and see what happens.

once again, ladies and gentlemen, tramadol fucks you up.


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[pls no ask about the vodka. debate is always welcome. remember, Tramadol fucks you up]