l's fedora project

okay, so you're running Windows. even worse, you're running Vista - no tools, no drivers, no nothing. en plus, you live under a pseudorepressive government with human rights-crushing surveillance powers and the sudden inclination to smash the shit out of every hacker and security consultant it comes across who can't prove they weren't using their tools for t3h_kr1mz, and you ran out of funding a good couple years or so - well, my friends, then you're in my (slightly overdosed) situation, and it's Linux time.

on the advice of the peeps at LSO, which you should go check out, i've converted my crap little laptop to a Fedora Core 8 box. and now begins the fight.

(dings its little wrestling bell) round one - local cripple versus MADWifi 0.9.3, FIGHT!


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