meat hackery

ok, i got kinda sick this year. the consequence being that all my university work is gonna get repeated next year, all my quals and everything, and i got a little more time on my hands. so first up, i'd like to direct you to why the lucky stiff's interactive Ruby tutorial; it's in ur browsah, defyin ya non-administrator install permissions, and it's fun as fuck; i'm liking this sorta scriptomatic approach.

secondly, i'm going right ahead with my RFID chip project, despite not one single fucking medical professional anywhere in the damn city being able to help me. i'm so fucking mad at these assholes; the NHS won't do it because they don't have the equipment, or the ones that do have it - like for the contraceptive implant that millions of women get every day at their damn local surgery - just refuse to do it, i've had three hospitals say they just won't do it with no fucking reason or justification. this is after i tell them that if no fucker helps me out, i'm gonna do it myself with a scalpel and a fuckload of Miltons, and they still tell me they won't help...

anyway, results later. i've got med student buddies, a copy of Gray's Anatomy (the text, not the dumbass show), a sterile scalpel and a fuckload of painkillers...

ladies and gentlemen, let the meat hack begin.

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