optimum healing and tramadol

not together, yeah? magnet's healing pretty damn well, mostly due to my piercer being OCD about sterility and hygiene and the years of experience i have of keeping wounds clean. it's more difficult than just keeping them relatively bacteria-free, seeing as (especially with implants in the hands) you also gotta keep them dry. you throw a plaster on top of a wound filled with chlorhexidine gluconate or iodine, and you've got a wet injury that isn't ever gonna close - the skin absorbs its max amount of moisture and dies, leaving dead lips around the wound that can't close; capillaries don't grow into dead skin (or at least not as easily in my experience), so you gotta cut the dead skin off and try to stick the living parts close enough together that they heal. there's a better method i eventually worked out.

1. straight after implantation, you put as much pressure on the wound as you can handle, and hold it together with steristrips. if you don't have any steristrips (and i fucking don't), take your run-of-the-mill plaster, cut it into 2mm strips and use those. the point is to hold the two edges of the cut together.

2. every day after that, take the strips off every hour and spray the wound with chlorhexidine gluconate spray or iodine, or TCP if you have it - these last two are gonna hurt like a bitch. leave it with as few strips as it takes to hold it together, and check every day for healing.

3. as soon as the edges hold together by themselves, start airing the wound for a couple hours every day. the sooner you can do this the better, just be really careful not to get it infected.

4. job fucking done.

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