component rejection, immunodeficiency and sepsis: shit happens

well, that episode of mine and w3dyt's adventure with scalpels and magnets was a total physical failure. in my case, putting the magnet into my crappy, narrow fingertip required a pair of tweezers, tweezers that turned out to be far too sharp; the following sepsis meant i had to make yet another visit to the fucking hospital doctors and (out of guilt mostly) pay for my own treatment; after three or four days of fever, severe infection and a pretty frightening day in and out of delirium, my system rejected the component and i figured out what i'd fucked up.

i pierced the silicon and scratched the gold coating with the fucking Swiss army knife tweezers (didn't have anything else). this is probably the single most retarded mistake i've made since i decided that i could handle chemotherapy without telling my parents i was sick; the neodymium had started to corrupt and leak out of the casing through this tiny puncture, giving my already infected bloodstream the added kick of neodym poisoning.

on the other side, w3dyt, while not bass-ackwards fuckheaded enough to damage his own components, has an immune system that's made of adamantium. during the healing process it decided it didn't like the magnet - and threw out a couple of the skin divers on his sternum for good measure. try try and try again, i guess.

so we got a shipment of 5mm piercer's needles, big scary motherfuckers that i can well imagine are gonna hurt like a cunt. the upside is, it's probably gonna give us a much deeper cavity, much faster; and this time, i ain't using those motherfucking tweezers.

shit happens, get up and try again. merry fucking christmas.

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