Tramadol fucks you up, Monday pillhead edition

that's right, it's that time of the week again.

how much to get high from norflex?
how many milligrams of tramadol would it take to fuck me up
how much tramadol would it take to fuck me up
look, it's different for every person. if you've never taken it before, maybe two or three of them will fuck you up; if you've got a morphine problem, you could neck the box and it wouldn't touch you. you're gonna have to find out for yourself.
tramadol messes you up
fucked up on tramadol
getting fucked up on tramadol
just take it, guys. one at a time until you're adequately fucked up; beware the slower kick-in, cause it might make you think you've gotta take more than you do; have something on hand to throw up into if you've not taken it before. the end.
can tramadol 627 fuck you up
can tramadol get you fucked up
do tramadol get u messed up
do ultracets fuck you up?
does tramadol fuck you up
tramadol fuck you up??
can tramadol mess you up good
will tramadol hcl 50mg fuck you up
will 2 tramadol fuck you up
how to get fucked up off of 50mg tramadol
no, no and you can't.
kap ake
that's a Kupkake, a 30mg codeine / 500mg paracetamol pill. it's a nice little thing when you're in pain, cept i need about five of them and they will probably make you hurl.
that's me.
tramadol weekly
that's this.
that's my arrogant ex, a man of calibre who beats his partners and takes it up the arse with a rubber cock.
norflex make you tired
that it will. you can't really counteract it with any legal stimulants, either, and it's not safe to do it with speed.
tramadol throwing up
just get some proper metaclopramide from your doctor, if you can, or some Motilium from a pharmacy, or some ginger tea if you're shit-fuck broke.

peace, love and Tramadol



Anonymous said...

Codeine FTW!!!

Amin Ami said...

I am sorry to say that Tramadol withdrawal is a brutally intense experience that mostly makes people stay on it to prevent withdrawal. the worse of the withdrawals is absolute severe anxiety...you feel like your in a panic attack for 3 or 4 days straight....no sleep, high tension, and a brutal bout with anxiety...no joke. Tamadol is nothing to mess around with, and shouldnt be taken for more than a few weeks at most. I had to go to my doctor to get a different medication...xanax to help with the Tramadol withdrawal they were that intense and bad.

Dominickjyvd said...

Codeine FTW!!!

margret said...

tramadol fuking me

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