"What pill gets you fucked up then makes you throw up?"

what pill gets you fucked up then makes you throw up?
i don't know, little drug quester. does it start with a 't' and end with a 'ramadol'? (in fact, any opiate will get you fucked up, and any of them will also proceed to make you throw up.)
can tramadol fuck you up
can tramadol mess you up good
can you get fucked up on ultracet [...]
too tired to be snide: yes.
kap ake
you've got yourself a Kupkake, boy. don't take that sucker during the daytime. actually, scratch that - take it with a shot of Jack, why don'tcha. go ahead.
getting fucked up on tramadol
taking tramadol to get fucked up [...]
two options: take the whole box, or take some of them with your favourite liqueur. you can even open 'em up and pour 'em in there. it's disgusting and you're gonna hurt yourself.
sapiens anonym
me, my Creepy Ex With A Permanent Bad Hair Day who wears women's clothes, and my dusty, lonely blog. any questions?
tramadol make you throw up?
yeah, tramadol make you throw up, you illiterate moron. get some Motilium from a pharmacy.
2 tramadols get you messed up
tramadol 50mg fuckyou up
HA HA HA no.
how many 50mg tramdol to get messed up
lots. or maybe a few. use the scientific method, young knowledge-seeker.
anonym for synergy
i sure as shit am. i love synergy. implant synergy, people synergy, drug synergy...
tea fucks you up
tea fucks you up. tea fucks you up. tea. fucks you up. wow, i thought i'd seen every kind of retard there was. i stand corrected. yeah, stay away from that shit, it's the reason our teeth are like this over here.

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