me: So I was wondering if you had any green Chartreuse.
gourmet shop d00d, standing directly in front of several bottles of Chartreuse verte: What's that? I don't think so.


ed. someone asked about what i sound like. you have two options: read the blog either in my actual husky, slurred monotone, or read it in a Dalek voice.


Max said...

As long as you don't share the Daleks' wish for world domination and their, well struggle with stairs, I'm fine with that :D

Well, I wouldn't even mind you taking over the world in exchange for an advantageous position in your world government ;)

Lepht said...

Max, any world governed by the likes of me would undoubtedly suck.


malces said...

Ugh... I have no palate for chartreuse, which I understand to mean: "I still have a palate." The shopkeeper clearly had your best interests in mind.

Lepht said...

my palate was long ago destroyed by years of smoking, pharmaceuticals and drink.


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